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  1. For me it's been 2 years since i've finished story mode. Since then, i am waiting for a single next episode. And i believe i got hyped enough.
  2. Yeah here it follows: Dev Diary - September We are developing episode 3, it goes amazing, but we still can't give a deadline. It's still far from being released. The end.
  3. "We’re not ready to spill too many details on the Episode Three story yet" Two years passed, and this is the point we get? For a single episode? Awesome! I've given up on this game long ago tho, don't care anymore. Take your time, like 10 years or sth. One thing i feel sorry for is the money i've paid to this game. I saw the story mode, liked it, it was told that it was going to continue soon, so i believed and bought it. You should not use the story mode as an advertisement if you are going to keep postponding next episodes. You're cheating some customers like me.
  4. Hey guys! You might remember me from the posts and many comments that i've been writing here earlier. I was so unhappy and unsatisfied about the never coming new episode of story mode. I believe most of you already have read my ideas so i will not repeat them again. I wanted to share some of my recent feelings, i hope it does not bother anyone. I loved TLD and it's story when i played it for the first time, so i think the connection between me and the game made me more impatient. When i bought the game i knew the story mode wasn't finished, but it was said to be continued in the beginning of 2018 so i trusted the developers. I always buy games depending on their story because it is how i like to play, and all advertisements of TLD in Steam and other platforms were made about story. So i bought the game and played first 2 episodes and waited patiently for the next. But now it's been more than 1,5 year and still there is not even a date announcement has come. It is annoying because i feel defrauded. I was checking the forums daily and sharing my ideas earlier, now i am checking it once in 2 or 3 monts. I see devs are also sharing infos once in 2 or 3 months which is really bad. I deleted TLD and give up on my expectations on this game. I am sorry about how i truly forgot the story and about how i even played the game. Since it's been so long, my passion and faith on this game is faded. It is also not cool in my sight to see how admin is locking the topics that i try to discuss about the delay of Episode 3. Now i unfortunetaly feel like i will forget about even the existance of the game because of this delay. Which is so sad because i was thinking i had found my favourite game and it could go somewhere so good. I am so disappointed. I am curious about how are you guys feeling about the delay. Because i remember most of you was upset about what i was writing on forums a year ago. Now i observed some you realized i was right. Because we're getting into May of 2019 and still a single episode of the story mode is failed to come in 2 years. I am not sure if it will ever come, or even if it does, i will not wait 2 years for each episode to see the end. Forgive me if i'm being harsh but i still hardly believe that Hinterland Studio has failed to keep our love to game warm and satisfy us as a customer.
  5. I don't understand why poeple don't want to understand it but okay, i'm going to say it one more time. We all aware of that they are human being like us. But they also are a company with customers. They are gaining money out of this game we are the payers. So again: The problem is not waiting but waiting too much. Why can't you admit that around 2 years time is too much for a single episode? If it goes like this and nobody complains we will see the end of the story in 6 years. Are they doing a good work? Yes. Don't think that i don't like Hinterland Studio. I really do like them and love their game. I also like how Raph answers our questions and does not prevent to talk to us clearly. But it doesn't mean that i will not talk about their wrongs here. In fact, we should! Because bad criticizes is what will improve them. People started to forget the point of story and characters. Yes they're creating something good, but they cannot do it on time, on promised deadline. Perfection will mean nothing after most of forgot the game. It is something like second or third delay, it's been more than 1,5 years. And it is not cool anymore. It is something that has to be put into words.
  6. It was okay for once, and then for the second time... But it's been more than 1 and a half year and they're doing it over and over again. Only clapping a company and accept all their wrongs will not help them. You should always put wrongs and mistakes into words, you should criticize, that's the way to make them better and demand for your own rights. It's not right to expect all customers to accept missed-deadlines all the time. If everyone keep accepting it, they will start to see this as a no problem. Ofcourse these kind of things are forgivible but not for forever, it has limits. It must have.
  7. Yeah, with amazing developement speed of HS let's wait around 10 years maybe? And who's going to remember the game then? No Thanks. Like others said above, i am not interested in Sandbox. You should understand that there are 3 group of players, some only want the story mode, some only interested in sandbox, some interested in both. As a customer, people have right to demand something, and as a developer you have to provide something for all groups of players. The only reason i buy this game is the story mode and i don't care about others. Like he said above: For our group of player, there is no playable game for 2 years. For some of us it goes like this: you hear about this game from a friend, or read it somewhere, they critisize it and say it has a great story, game is pretty good. So you check it on Steam, look at rates. You know that there are 2 episodes for now, but you see devs said other episodes will come like 4-5 months later. So you trust them, you think you can wait those time intervals between episodes and you buy the game. Only to play and enjoy the story mode. And then the devs -for some reason idk why- start to think they have all the time of the earth, they don't have to provide you anything anymore, anything that they give you is extra, they don't need to have a deadline. NO! IT IS NOT LIKE THIS! You are a company and we are the customers. You give us a deadline and you keep postponding it over and over again. Nothing that you give us is extra. I'm not asking for free DLC or something here. I am asking for what i've been promised before i buy this game. If you will not succee to make it happen ON TIME, then remove the story mode trailers and advertisements on websites and on steam! Because you are cheating people. Stop ignoring the people who bought the game only for story and waiting to continue to play it. Imagine they sell Half-Life 3 but only half of the game is able to be played. Other half will come in god knows when. It is not forgivable. You are paying for this in the first place with the opinion that they will continue it soon.
  8. Waiting is not the problem here, this is what you insist on not to understand. Waiting "TOO MUCH" is the problem. Wintermute is the season 1 of the story mode, and there are 3 episodes remaining. If we wait 2 years for each, a season will be completed in 6 years! Imagine you are watching a TV series and new season is coming in each 6 years. Am i the only one who thinks, for a single episode, for 5 hours to play, waiting 2 years is Literally TOO MUCH. Firstly it was announced as the end of 2017 now the delay is announced -again- and we are in the end of 2018. This is the problem. They are saying: "coming soon, sorry delayed, coming soon, sorry delayed, coming in December finally, sorry delayed again." Look how annoying it is.
  9. I will give an example story that will tell the problem crystal clearly. Imagine you enter a coffeeshop and order a cup of coffee and pay the price. They say it will be ready in 15 min. You say OK and take a sit. 30 minutes passed and your coffee has not come yet. They say "sorry for delay we cannot exactly tell when it will be ready but it will be ready soon", you say "no problem, i will wait." 1 hour passed and your coffee has not come yet. You are an angry customer now and they say "wait 30 minutes more and your coffee will be ready, we are preparing a great coffee for you." You get relaxed. Now at least you know when your coffee will come, and you know that it will be delicious. 1 and a half hour passed you are asking for your coffee that you have paid for, and they say "Sir, we want to provide you the best coffee that we can make, but it will again be delayed, and i cannot say when it will be ready." As a customer can you accept this situation? Would you wait for a single cup of coffee for 2 hours in a coffeeshop? I don't think so.
  10. Look sir, i have a great respect to you and what you do. I really do. If you really do "care a lot" please read this comment carefully and try to understand. You are the developer and we are the players (customers). We bought a game and we want to play it. But we can not, all we do is waiting. Problem is simple as this. It is not only about disappointment but also angryness. You say that you care, but we've been having the same arguement many times, and nothing ever changes. You always keep delaying what we're waiting for. We were expecting so much goodness from the long dark, we recommended it to our friends, we thought it was perfect and it would get even better by the time. But now i don't recommend it to anyone and i don't think this game will provide me a good experience. And it is all because of time. It's easy to say "be patient" but you are never giving us something, easy to say "we care a lot" but you are not proving it. It seems to be there will be around 2 years passed for a single episode. Don't you think IT IS "LITERALLY" TOO MUCH? Don't delay it anymore. I've told this before. I am interested with art and if i want to go back and correct my mistake on a work, i will never be able to go further, i will stuck in a single work. Because nothing never ever becomes the best, there are always absences or mistakes. Accept them as they are and move on. Just like episode 1&2 were pretty amazing and made me fall in love with the game and did not need any redux. But you are losing your time and also losing our interest on the game. I don't want the best, it doesn't mean anything to me if it comes too late that i forgot the game. Instead, give me what you gave on first 2 episodes. I can't even count how many times i have read the statement: "Episode 3 is delayed, but we are working for the best, be patient" in dev diaries over the years. Make a change and suprise us for once and then we know you really do care!
  11. I am so sorry to see a game which could be in a perfect place is gone to a place terrible. Personally i don't like to play sandbox mode survival games because i find it pointless. But TLD was different to me because it had a story, i was curious, i was excited, i had really good time playing it. For me story is the most important thing in a game and it is the only reason for me to play The Long Dark. And i am sure i am not the only player thinking like this. I am sure there are a lot of players waiting for Wintermute. Now probably we will be able to play 1 Episode in each 2 years. It is not what we've been promised and it is not cool at all. I don't know why Hinterland Studio keep ignoring their story-fan customers. Story should have continued long long ago, now i don't even remember the story or how to play. I know that i wanted to keep playing the game because i was warm. Now i lost my whole interest and when the next episode comes, i will realize i don't remember the game and so i don't want to play. Nothing matters for Hinterland though. They already got my money so they don't care. They keep saying we're trying to give you the best, but the best doesn't mean anything if it is too late!
  12. I don't know if people will remember me or not from my community activities in the past. But we have been argueing about Episode 3 many times, i was defending the idea that 1 year for a single Episode is literally more than too much, and Hinterland obviously failed their job. Many people disagreed me but when 1 year passed after the last released episode, some of them admitted that i was right. Now it's been 1 and a half year, still I don't plat TLD but i am keep following the news and waiting for the next episode to play. Now it is delayed once more. Firstly it was said as end of 2017 and into 2018 perhaps, now it is almost 2019 and it is postponded without a new date information. The situation is so much worse than a "disappointment", what a pity. I will not talk anymore because i have said enough in the past. Now it is even getting worse and more funny. It's so tragic to see how right i was. Anyway, I shouldn't have buy this game in the first place. Let's say 2 years passed for a single episode. I am telling you guys, If you are a student in collage now, probably you will see the end of the story with your grandchildren around.
  13. I got the answer from the developer Raphael on twitter, he said only Episode 3 will come, 3-4-5 will not be released together. First announcements made me think they were going to be released together because they were mantioning as "remaining episodes", but i was worng. To be more clear, it is only 1 episode that we have been waiting for 1 year
  14. What are we waiting for, Episode 3 or Episode 3 to 5?