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  1. Like the upcoming contents,Good luck devs But will we be able to use the ladders in the new region?
  2. Thank you ralph and the team,but where's the change log ?
  3. hoasd1


    Happy 5th Year Anniversary The Long Dark!
  4. That's the most question answering forum i have ever found also i hope for a good happy birthday Raph!
  5. finally i have been waiting for this since the start of that month. Thanks for sharing this with us .
  6. slingshot. because it's more fast and powerful than throwing stones by hand.
  7. the Wolf before the Steadfast update.
  8. Methuselah. Because he's a mysterious traveler ,but how did he passed to Broken Railroad without being spotted by the Old Bear or Mackenzie looks very tasty to this Bear?
  9. The cave of the Old Bear and his corpse. The new entrance of the fallen rail car in Broken Railroad (Region). The Bear Spear.
  10. a strange or (block like) mesh designing like the car wheels. but that was the art of the game :D .
  11. this would be better if she had special encounter animations.
  12. there are mod about binoculars,if you want to test this.
  13. running in a fallen tree then fall in timberwolf mountain region. another funny one is marking the map while the wolf moving around me many times like a fly or something black :D.
  14. that's the needed in TLD,but in my opinion the game core might doesn't support this .