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  1. Hi Ralph! How do you, as a developer, treat a worker in your studio who was using illegal versions of games instead of buying legal versions of them,but stopped about doing this after he have joined your studio and he told you he was doing this,but stopped about this also what would be your reaction when he told you about that? I don't mean any insult to you and your studio just questioning,but please don't give me any warning point according to this question.
  2. This topic was near to make me cry tears ,because it was seems true and @Antares story was really hard to not be sad about what happened to him for just sharing his real though,talk about the game and help,but some rules in a lot of forums sometimes make fear and sadness than safe and happiness like being banned from your favorite game community or discord or reddit or steam or etc, hurts a lot
  3. Hi i'm Hoasd1 a gamer who likes to see games and mods news and likes to play games too . I'm sure some users saw me before in this community,but it's was before i keep an eye on the rules and now i understand the game and i have improved my english writing by another mean i have evolved. I discovered The long dark from the top survival games websites and videos and i saw it had some interesting content as it's art style and the hardcore survival elements so i want to play it (it's personal to tell how i managed to play it so don't give a care about that please) then i found the game have an official community forum for it so i think it would be beautiful to join the community,but it haven't went well as i thought because they said the english isn't your native language (It's really isn't my native language) and make some jokes or somewhat according to my incorrect knowledge about this game and i likes how The long dark overhauled so i have subscribed to hinterland youtube channel and the newsletter also it all felt like a rough journey into The long dark's community that ended by just seeing the News and Introduce Yourself forum rooms . I'm okay with what happened to me with this forum and just taken it as old problems like it was a hard hit in The long dark web edition. I don't mean i hate or don't like the community and the developers it was just rough journey . Thanks for reading .
  4. Thanks for the update and Happy holidays for you and hinterland Developers!
  5. Like the upcoming contents,Good luck devs But will we be able to use the ladders in the new region?
  6. Thank you ralph and the team,but where's the change log ?
  7. hoasd1


    Happy 5th Year Anniversary The Long Dark!
  8. That's the most question answering forum i have ever found also i hope for a good happy birthday Raph!
  9. finally i have been waiting for this since the start of that month. Thanks for sharing this with us .
  10. The cave of the Old Bear and his corpse. The new entrance of the fallen rail car in Broken Railroad (Region). The Bear Spear.
  11. there are mod about binoculars,if you want to test this.
  12. running in a fallen tree then fall in timberwolf mountain region. another funny one is marking the map while the wolf moving around me many times like a fly or something black :D.