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  1. Thanks, I was pretty sure that was the case. No problems buying a 2nd copy but figured I'd check in case I didn't like the PS4 interface.
  2. I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I could only find one thread on the subject and it was not informative so ... If you want to play on both PC via steam and on PS4 do you need to buy two copies, one for each or is there some way to tie one to the other. I have a Steam license and wanted to just test it out on PS4 to see how it worked. My guess is I'd need to buy the PS4 version but maybe not.
  3. Thanks for the welcome @cekivi. I believe it was actually from 2016.
  4. How about a good round of vehicle curling.
  5. I should have said 'no safe way to speed up time'. I was losing health so it was critical that I get moving the second the aurora ended. As it turned out I probably only had 5 to 10 in game minutes to spare. I guess I could have just kept my finger over the escape key and smacked it when I saw the lights turn off.
  6. That's going to be mine on future runs. I'm currently in day 64 where I only hit PV farmhouse + tower, the Dam and ML. I have a single pair of sport socks (which need to be damned or at least darned), a single pair of regular long johns and random other mid range gear plus crafted rabbit, wolf, deer bits. With only a +17 rating and -30 day time temps it's very limiting what I can do. I ended up in this predicament in some part due to searching for a bedroll in ML which I never did find but in truth I always focus too soon on crafting gear. I'm pretty sure I can make it to 100 but it's going to be a sad, cold miserable experience getting there.
  7. belthize


    Once you figure out to only eat before you sleep, to always sleep for 6+ hours and to collect all cat tails you come across then interloper is easy and death is just from the unexpected event, like wolf or falling off ravine trestle.; exactly the sort of things save game restoring avoids. In other words the reason interloper is harder is it forces you to take chances which in turn ups your risk of instant death, if there's no permanence to those events then there's no risk so it's not harder. It's just more annoying due to the weather and cabin fever.
  8. I don't really have a most memorable death but I have a new most memorable non-death. Was starting a new Interloper, spawned in PV so did the standard clearing of the farm house and tower before heading to Carter's. When I woke up at the tower it was a typical PV day, ie blizzard, so I delayed heading off toward the Dam a few hours more than I normally would. I decided to just eat the time and hit the two dear carcasses at the end of the cave connector and up at the dam entrance since the wind didn't blow my torch out. The upshot of all of that is by the time I actually entered the dam I was drained and it was night fall. My plan was to race to the trailers, catch some sleep and come back and spend a full day looting the dam. Unfortunately as I'm racing through the lower dam an aurora hits and I run across live wires which burn the crap out of me. I come to another set and try to slide past them but get burned there too and jump back. So I'm now almost drained, at 1/4 health, stuck between a pair of live wires in the lower dam with no coffee and no bed roll. I eat some food to at least stave off hunger condition hit but I'm forced to just sit there for hours watching my stamina finally drain and the associated accelerated condition hit. Finally the aurora ends but I'm in the red, I light a torch and race for the trailer thinking please no wolf, please no wolf and just make it with what feels like seconds to spare. That was an excruciating RL hour with no way to speed things up and no way to tell if I was going to survive. I almost just quit since I only had about an hour invested in the start in the first place. I'm glad I didn't, this run has been a train wreck throughout with *still* no bed roll and my clothes suck but it's day 64 and I'm still punching. Currently just landed in CH on my continued bedroll quest. Probably wander up to DP from there.
  9. I've had to use snow shelters extensively in my current interloper game, day 64 and still no bed roll and rather cruddy clothes (+17) so the only way to deal with cabin fever is the occasional shelter. Big +1 to the ability to removed destroyed shelters. I had to move on from one location because the only decent place to put a shelter is occupied by a ruined one. I also second the wish that they wouldn't decay quite so quickly, 1/2 to 1/4 of what it is now seems about right. At 1/4 of the current rate then it would disappear after a game month. Not sure if it's possible but I also wish a bit could be done to make placement not quite so finicky.
  10. I'd been pondering a semi-similar idea but it's more of a player generated story or campaign mode. The basic idea is somebody: Generates a code to set the game world and states which zone players should start in They then set some mission for the first phase, like reach such and such location or obtain X amount of some resource (like rabbit pelts or fish or birch twigs) After a suitable amount of real world time, at least a day possibly days or even a week to give everyone playing a long a chance to catch up the next goal is posted. Screenshots or just regular honor system are sufficient evidence that players reached the goal. It's not like there are real prizes. This can go on and on for as long as whoever is running it wants. It can be as involved as that person would like. For instance maybe you have to get 24 bits of coal to Milton by such and such a date. There's really no limit to the complexity of the mission.