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  1. Good point. I don’t ussually think about wolves as I’m a filthy stinking rich Pilgrim player.
  2. There isn’t which is why I recommend you drop everything into the Orca Gas Station till you’re ready to leave. Once ready begin to the nearest climbing rope and desenting. Head to the cave and place all the stuff you wish to haul in the back. Head back up the rope till there is no more loot remaining. Repeat this process with the next cave. Then drag it to Trapper’s Cabin. Once you get there it shouldn’t be too hard mapping your way to the Quonset. Or the Farmhouse for that matter.
  3. The game can’t and will never be able to support a “co-op” or “multiplayer” game mode. There are so many mechanics that are only compatiable with one person. As cool as it would be.. it’s not an option.
  4. Stop stop stop.. We don’t need this we don’t want this, please just no.. maybe a few people want it but ehhhh
  5. Yep that’s what I’m thinking
  6. It’s very satisfying to stock Quincy Quonset with tons of Canned, Boxed, and other foods on the shelves.. Currently on Day 126 and I need to go to TWM for the last haul. Got about 20 of each.
  7. MRE_MAN


    Let’s think about this for a moment. When Mackenzie is roped into Astrid’s scheme does Will know where a suitable airstrip would even be on Great Bear. The plane of TWM surely landed somewhere on Great Bear otherwise why would it’s flight path go right over Great Bear. Where is a suitable airport? I feel like their plan may have been shortsighted considering they needed a place to land anyway. So.. I’m suggesting there be possibly a region or Transition Region of an airstrip or something officially used for air travel.
  8. Like I said TWM. Though there’s one thing that really grinds my gears. Nowhere in TLD is there currently an Airstrip. A MASSIVE Transport Plane crashes in TWM and your little Cessna crashes in Milton- YET- Nowhere are of yet is there an airport nor any suitable landing areas. Especially for a massive plan like in TWM.
  9. So you mean to tell me, Hinterland that not one place in the game has a shovel? Just a prop would lift immersion as if you live in a snowy climate why wouldn’t they have snow shovels!?
  10. They haven’t even /finished/ Wintermute. No way are they gonna make a short story. Also a short story could be the Hunted for example. Try that.
  11. I don’t think he’s supposing anything. He’s supposing that /when/ mods are released that would happen possibly. I don’t think you can count on it any time soon though.
  12. Imo it just sounds like you have an abundance of something and you need something to do with it so you immediately ask the devs to benefit your gameplay. We have to plenty of crafting recipees as it is.
  13. There’s just one problem. He starts in Pleasant Valley and if he was in-cannon Jerimiah you’d be able to probably find the lady he sends Will to find. other than that I think it’d be pretty cool.