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  1. Add pack-weight and stamina bar to check status function (Tab/Start). Fast forward game time when lighting fires, rather than making the wait real time. Make the QTE's more timing, rhythm, or precision based; button mashing isn't fun (or maybe just get rid of the QTE's altogether, but that's not really an "easy fix"). Make it an option, in custom games, to have realistic meat yields; a real moose can yield over 100 kg of meat. Dealing with that can be a challenge itself.
  2. @Prestermatt Thanks for the advice.
  3. @GreenBeing I sincerely doubt it could get 60 rounds out before needing to be cleaned. I've heard 12-15 max, before it's just too clogged to use. Reproductions of this, and many many other early firearm models, are manufactured by at least one company I've heard of. It's not completely out of the realm of reality that someone would own one, and it being a reproduction, it could actually function better than an original. The reason I suggested a reproduction flintlock, rather than a modern blackpowder hunting rifle, is to have a firearm that would still be usable even if the player has already found and used all the .303 ammo in world. A modern rifle would still require priming caps, which aren't feasibly craft-able. The player would have to make fulminating mercury or bromine (which isn't extremely hard), and also make small, perfectly sized copper caps, and then combine the two. Fulminating substances are very unstable and dangerous, which is why even though they've been known to science since the Renaissance, they weren't successfully employed as primers until the 19th century.
  4. @GreenBeinghttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferguson_rifle
  5. @MRE_MAN If there were actual blackpowder firearms in the game, they would utilize paper wadding though. I was thinking of posting one myself. It would have one shot, and be very slow to reload, but the player could somewhat realistically craft bullets, powder and wadding. It could be some kind of reproduction flintlock, owned by some old gun-nut from Great Bear, and then it wouldn't even need priming caps.
  6. There could be a new area that is meant to be a wildlife refuge, where no logging, hunting, or construction would have occurred prior to the aurora.
  7. @MRE_MAN Maybe, but in that case it's fairly likely that they'd be defective (why we started using plastic). I think plastic casings have been standard for all shotgun calibers since the 1960's.
  8. I agree that survival mode should allow the player to tailor their avatar. I'm not so much interested in drastically changing the character models' architecture, but I would love to see a Dark Souls level of character customization. Some players may have an issue with not being able to customize the voices, but I would just assume turn them completely off in survival mode. No offence and mad respect to Jennifer Hale and David Hayter, but I KNOW I HAVE TO DROP SOME GEAR, SHUT UP!
  9. @MRE_MAN I'm pretty sure modern shotgun rounds use a plastic wad/cap to hold the shot together within the casing, and as it travels down the barrel. Did you mean to say that firing a shotgun in high wind could potentially burn the user, because hot gases can be blown from the action, onto the shooter's hands and face?
  10. I like the idea of a stone-lined fire-pit; better wind resistance, larger charcoal yield, etc.
  11. @dragonslayer587 Honestly, I'm pretty sure you're right, but I think that's immersion-breaking; you pick up meat, carnivores smell it, they track you down, but if you leave it (not as a decoy) they don't care. It might just be a game-play consideration made by the developers, or an oversight. Either way, this is one instance where I wish the game were both more realistic and harder. I also never build snow caves; the only time I tried it I got frostbite. I know most of my suggestions are weapons, but I also would like to see more campcraft.
  12. @dragonslayer587 Your last reminded me; I killed a moose yesterday with one shot from the rifle, at moderate range. I was behind it, and I shot it in the side, right behind its front-right leg. I suppose it could have been a head shot, and I just didn't notice. It reminded me of a video I've seen of moose being shot IRL, in a similar way: shot through the side (through both lungs and heart), and it stood and took few breaths, then just slumped down.
  13. @dragonslayer587 Thanks; the spear seemed, to me, like something that was oddly missing. I was also thinking about adding slingshots (both improvised and manufactured) to my bows post. They could be completely non-lethal to everything but rabbits, and use stones as an ammunition. On wolves it could work a bit like the flares; possibly scares them off in the beginning, but eventually becomes useless for defense. It's probably not as viable an idea as the spear though.
  14. @dragonslayer587 I had no idea you could kill a bear with the survival bow (efficiently at least). Can it also down a moose? Perhaps the hunting bow could enjoy a significantly increased range, but at a noticeably heavier weight (which is basically true to life). People obviously can, and still sometimes do, hunt with recurve or reflex bows, but it tends to take years of practice to develop the necessary stalking skills.