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  1. I bit of thread necromancy here. I think occasional "surprise" wolves might be worthwhile at harder difficulties. Leave the normal patrols, but there is a small chance of a new wolf appearing in an atypical location or path. Not enough to be unplayable, just enough to keep you on your toes and a little nervous.
  2. Hadrian has discussed on his YouTube channel a similar idea, where one could include tools like the hatchet or knife without altering the availability of other goods. This would provide an interloper-like experience, but one where you don't need to immediately push for a forge.
  3. I agree. If you don't actually cook something, your cooking skill shouldn't matter. Now if I heat up a low condition can of beans, maybe that should count, but un-cookable items like sardines or candy bars, etc. shouldn't be affected by cooking skill. It lets people game the system too much. I see these youtubers on play throughs hauling around 0% tins of food and chomping through it without concern. Also, I would argue that any food at 0% should be inedible, regardless of whether it was cooked or the skill level involved. Have it give a warning like raw meat, but if you do eat it, guaranteed FP.
  4. I just started Wintermute for the first time since the Redux. I've alway just played sandbox. I've just finished the bear and Jeremiah got the radio running. M comment is that the frying sounds of the radio after it gives out seems excessive. I mostly just makes it harder to hear J talking. Perhaps have it stop crackling a bit sooner?
  5. I had thought this was going to be a new area in a later episode and/or map region. Possibly past broken RR?
  6. I've hit two deer in my current new Stalker game with the rifle. There's a blood trail, but they don't seem to loop around any more. One of them was shot over a day ago in-game and my journal does not show an increase in deer kills. At first I thought a wolf might have stole my kill, but there is no sign of a carcass. The second one is recent enough that it might still be wounded, but it has disappeared. Both shot near the bear cave by Trapper's.
  7. Is it out? I opened steam TLD a few minutes ago but no update appeared.
  8. O jeez! I have the Muskeg forge isn't gone. I'm based in ML on my Stalker run (approaching Day 200). I would hate to have to trek all the way through FM, and have to negotiate BR to forge stuff. I have plenty of arrowheads and non-improvised tools for now, but someday I'll want a spear! (hint hint!)
  9. They are definitely more vocal. It's a plus in that it's easier to triangulate on their direction, and it adds to the atmosphere a bit, but it makes it sound like there are dozens out there sometimes.
  10. Anyone else not see the rabbitskin cap on your character's inventory/status image after you equip it? It's in the inventory and I get the warmth bonus, but no graphic of it on "Astrid's" head.
  11. Yeah, I'm not worried about things like water or sticks. I have a LOT of food on ice outside the hut, but I also have spare clothing, two rifles, a bunch of saplings, feathers, arrowheads, and who knows how many pelts and cured guts. Is Carter Hydro considered its own region? I've always thought of it as part of ML.
  12. Would the possible deletions happen ANYWHERE in ML? What about things in containers vs sitting on the floor, etc.? Is there any way to know? I have 2.83 metric craptons of stuff stored at Trapper's. Would dropping it all in the transitional cave to Milton be considered outside of ML?
  13. It's a silly dream, but I would love for there to be a way to fill all the clothing slots with craftable, pelt items. I have no idea what fur socks, long johns, or sweaters would look like, but it would be cool to shed all manufactured items and have just crafted items.