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  1. Not sure if you guys are still notified on this thread, but I just realized now (after close to 200 hours) that the hacksaw can use to cut down limbs. I feel so stupid...
  2. There are multiple parks on the summit? How many times have you visited the summit yourself?
  3. Gotcha. I'll leave the hammer at the forge (as usual), but keep hatches at bases. Knife and hacksaw on me. Thank you!
  4. Currently on a custom run and I'm on the hunt for the awesome Expedition Parka. I know there's usually on the summit (aside from Interloper), but do anyone of you lads and lassies know a perma spawn or common spawn point for the Expedition Parka? Thank you!
  5. Hey Guys, it's good to back. For those more experienced players out there, I've got a question: How do you get wood without having a hatchet (ASIDE FROM JUST PICKING UP STICKS)? Reading from many past forums on steam and here, hatchet seems like the most "useless" tool out there; many even say hatchet is just for decoration. I understand that hacksaw & knife > hatchet, but what about large furniture (tables, shelves ... etc ) and limbs? Carrying hammer + hacksaw + knife doesn't seem much better than just a hatchet + knife. In addition, I like to leave a hammer @ the forge so I don't need to carry it all the way with me. I have some hours under my belt, but I've mostly been playing in pilgrim. Currently playing a custom run and need some advice. Please share your wisdom! It has been a while since I've read the forums, so I apologize if this is being repeated. Thank you!
  6. Haha I know, I was just trying to guess to see if I did hit the right range. You know a good player when you see one. Maybe I should take your playing style into advice-I inherently crave safe and boring that I find adventure too nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. I try to balance out the daily routine of base building with going out to hunt. Fishing in CH or ML is pretty fun for me because I have to go out and get wood and I might face trouble out on the ice. But I'm sure the bits of excitement from living at a base probably doesn't rival the thrill of constantly moving around. I've spent about a month at DP alone (started here), and is just about to move to CH. I've never spent periods of time in PL and TWM, so warmth has never been an issue for me. With that in mind, would you still think the wolfcoat x2 is a good idea? I know you'd say "It's up to you," but I'm asking if you would do it in relatively warm weather like mine. Also, thanks for being so thoughtful in your replies!
  7. Hello community! This is not related to the gameplay itself, but does anyone know the song they played at 2:59 at the Faithful Cartographer Youtube video ? It's a wonderful song. I recently purchased the TLD OST on Steam but still can't manage to find it.If anyone knows the name or artist of this song, please let me know! Especially folks working at Hinterland Much love and thanks!
  8. Wearing two deerskin pants and wolf coats...that's a new idea! Don't you think that'll be way too heavy and unnecessary? Holy s**** 365 on Interloper. Crazy. I'm guessing you used maybe 15 hides each from wolf and dear? I'm assuming you occasionally get into fights in addition to the daily wear and tear and have to do some extra repairing. Asking as more of Pilgrmer to an Interloper, where are you staying permanently in that run? In other words, do you have multiple bases at each map and travel around or a main one? If so, I'm so curious as to how many hides you have stored. If you can send a screen shot that would be awesome as well. I can't imagine 200+ pelts just sitting in a corner or in a container!
  9. Oops I meant DP! I turned off cabin fever and there is ample supply of food from the bear (also turned off intestinal parasites as IRL you can actually eat wolf & bear meat, albeit you have to cook it beyond a certain temp to kill bacteria). I am thinking of making a second of each and carry it all because I have the impulse to hoard everything I get haha. Thank you so much for the response @mystifeid
  10. *posted this on Steam earlier, but I just created my account here (who hoo! super excited) and want to see if I can get more responses for the little dilemma that I'm having* Hello all, want to hear your thoughts & opinions!I am currently on a custom run in DL ready to move to CH. I have on me a wolf coat, deerskin pants, and a pair of Mukluks (I got so lucky finding this). I have 5 wolf pelts, 3 deer pelts, and 1 bear pelt. Saw the awesome decay rate tables created by the Fandom Wiki community. Before I rush into anything, I want to hear what you guys would do: Craft 1 wolf coat & 1 deerskin pants (makes it incredibly lighter for me to travel) or carry the pelts with me. As far as I know, the pelts do not decay once cured. The wolf pelt decays 0.020%/day stored and the deerskin pant decays 0.029%/day stored. I know the decay is minuscule, and I will run into much more wildlife in the future (hence more pelts), but I don't want clothes to sit and ruin as I am planning this run to be quite a long one. Would really love to hear what you guys have to say.