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  1. Hello! I believe we all may have noticed by now that the starting screen at the game is it own environment, with changing weather, wildlife, etc. Would it be possible to use this in our computer's desktop? Or in smartphones?
  2. I don't care about my past progress. I'm replaying Episodes One and Two for sure after this modifications
  3. Just a humble suggestion to add to the store. I know I'd buy it! This toque is really, to me, one of the "symbols" of the game, along with the hatchet and maybe the wolves. Tell me what you guys think about it =)
  4. *******EPISODE 2 SPOILERS ALERT ******* Did anybody also feel a little bit angry at Jeremiah, when you finish the Old Letters quest and there's not even a new possible dialogue? I mean, we get deerskin pants from the Forest Talkers, a great boot from the Grey Mother, and then this quest which is by far the hardest one - endless nights waiting for an aurora, eaten by zombie aurora wolves, burnt by the cables, with a possibility of being stuck waiting for yet another aurora... - and not even a "thank you"?? F**K you Jeremiah! P.S.: I love how the game challenges us and I actually loved doing the quest. Just the lack of a reward or even an acknowledgement was really dissapointing
  5. Exactly! Two toques makes sense. Maybe even two scarves, but two ear wraps doesn't
  6. Hugoodtimes


    I love the idea, I'm just not sure if it is realistic. Many people have suggested scopes on the rifle, and the main concern with it is that in such cold weather it would become blurry and impossible to use. Wouldn't the same happen to binoculars? I wish I am wrong and they put it in the game hahaha
  7. I think scarves make much more sense as an accessory than as a head gear. In real life too, we refer to it as an accessory. Currently we have 3 different scarves and 5 other head gear, whilst ear wrap is the only accessory (with warmth bonus) (8 head gear and 1 accessory) Wouldn't it make the game more balanced if we have 5 head gear and 4 accessory options?
  8. I think that sprinting should warm you up a little bit. When it is really cold and you are outside, sprinting should have a similar effect to that of drinking something hot, but with a shorter duration. It would be a trade, you burn calories to warm up. Just a small change that I believe makes sense and won't be hard to implement.
  9. Maybe there's something to do with the fact that I was in another region for virtually all 30 days? It is different from another areas in that this one has a lot of houses and cars and stuff, and also is close to wolves, but there are many things in common too, like being in a clearing and it is in a lower region of a slope (if you consider the mountains behind the town)(I have yet to find a moose at the top of a hill).
  10. I've had this surprise myself while on CH. I just stopped by on my way to DP and the next day when leaving the gas station I hear the stomping. I barely had time to enter a car to check what was happening. As I understand, the scratched trees are not mandatory for moose spawn. They will occasionally spawn on clearings, as said above. I killed this moose, harvested the shit out of it, went to DP, came back some 30 days later and there was a new one. I would say it is a confirmed moose spawn location from now on
  11. That is a great idea! At higher levels you could have a bigger range of mapping, ability to identify the North, maybe you would be able to put some notes on the map like "fallen tree" or "big slope here" to aid you localization. One thing the devs said is that although they added mapping, the idea of the game was always you being able to identify landmarks: Well, maybe a higher level of mapping skill would aid you in doing exactly that, using the notes I mentioned before
  12. I wouldn't mind harvesting bones and antlers using the hacksaw to craft more things either. Adding bait and lure could be good if it is done in a way that makes it worth the time, with a better chance of catching fish. All the ideas sound great, but one thing that all people seem to agree is that fishing is simply not worth doing right now
  13. I love this idea! I could be another use to the otherwise rarely used climbing rope, plus would make fishing actually worth it