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    I start my second playthrough last night and want to experience stalker difficulty, so I decided to start in Mystery Lake… a familiar map. Long story short, spawn near Alan’s cave in late afternoon, encounter a wolf and manage to get away from wolf (thanks to the rabbit "hero"). It was very cold, so decide to go to the dam instead of the camp office as wolf was blocking the way. While running toward the trailer near the dam, a Moose warning sound off behind me. Turn around and saw a Moose behind me in my blind spot, the trailer was very close, but too late. The Moose chase me down and stomp me. After the Moose finish with me and move away, I get up and move quickly towards the trailer and away from the Moose. Heard the Moose warning sound again, the trailer was so close, yet so far away, the same Moose run me down the second time. I get up the second time and walk a few steps to get in one of the trailer. Encounter another near death (base on the daily log, my lowest condition on the 1st day was 3%) due to hypothermia. Here my status 12 hours later.
  2. Alcohol will dilates the peripheral blood vessels near your skin, so more blood and heat flow to them and you'll feel warm, but this also mean that heat was taken away from the core of your body... your core body will lose heat very fast especially in a cold environment.... a deadly combination if not in a warm shelter. As for game mechanic, may be it'll boost the temperature up for a while then temperature will plummet... give your character a bit more time before you reach your warm shelter, but if you don't reach in time... good luck.
  3. Hi, New to the game... After playing for a while, I realise that beside as a Tinder, there seem to be no other usage for birch bark, Cat Tail Head, Newsprint, and Newsprint Roll. So, when you are at level 3 of fire starting skill, all those items become useless as you don't need them... may be those items can also use as fuel instead of just been tinder or when you at fire starting level 3, using a tinder will increase the chance of fire starting... this will make those items more useful. Also, outdoor fire starting should be more difficult than starting a fire in stove & etc. Happy New Year!!
  4. Hi, New to TLD and still learning the game. Anyway, will be "fun" if a corpse will be left on the location the player die in the previous playthrough... may be with a short description on cause of death, eg. Kill by wolve, Starve to death and etc. Have a nice day.