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  1. And, of course.... Where are the Mounties, eh? We need to come upon at least one frozen Mountie. ....should even be able to loot the red jacket and teh sexy pants with the flared cuff. The whole outfit is boss. Wait! Gotta find him next to a frozen horse. I mean, for us Yanks, the Mounties are synonymous with Canada.
  2. I will. I feel like I'm turning the corner with my skills. I just can't put down the rifle though. The rifle game is super satisfying. I think I'll save pure Loper for after I've gained familiarity with the other maps ----- Holy crap I just had a huge Coho Salmon wash up on the beach near the CH bridge fishing hut!! gonna remember that spot!
  3. Well the game is screaming for a meat curing process. Ruined meat should not be able to be revived, but making beef jerky should be added. Perhaps you could take sea water, and evaporate it to make sea salt. Then you have to construct a tanning rack and with some effort you can make jerky or hard tack or whatever. Also -- yes -- scent mechanic should be non player dependent. ------------------------------------- BTW Mystified I used a lot of your ideas and had a pretty epic run. Epic from the standpoint of careful self starvation. Started in CH and there were NO matches there -- NONE. No fire striker, nothing. Only place i didn't check was the lookout. I'd scoured the rest of CH and was at the gas station. I'd been nursing toilet water, cat tails and looted food. So I thought, "well I know there are matches in Hibernia, so lets push on there." Got to DP without incident and looted everything. ONE FREAKING box of 12 only! So I thought -- hmm I'm going to have to explore totally new territory to get matches (I've only ever played on CH and DP -- so I was looking at the total unknown). I decided it made some sense to stay put and make some warmer clothing before heading off, b/c I really didn't have great clothing. Killed a deer and harvested 2 more carcasses, and got all those guts and hides curing. Had a great fight with Scruffy using your tactics. Cornered him with a fire at the fork and then flanked up for the bed roll. Threw torches down to until I could see him and shot him with the rifle. Very satisfying! My ears were ringing though and and from then on my voice sounded like I was stoned. I liked it. Anyway.... Here's what got me. NO MORE DEER. None. Bambi had fled the coop. I searched all over and there were none to be found. No more carcasses. No more prey. I've never seen that map with so few deer. Its like the game knew what I needed and conspired against me. I've NEVER seen that map without tons of deer. I had 2 hours to go on my deer pants when I couldn't sustain myself anymore! I had to start eating wolf meat and got the parasites. Was at like 10% health when they hit and I just died outright. Made it 16 days on 8 matches. If I'd been able to cook a lot of deer at once I could have made it. Difficulty was custom -- LOPER + RIFLE. Hung on with nothing for so long....... Anyway I credit your advice for an epic run. Thx. Starvation IS the answer. Hey it works for super models. I should try it IRL!
  4. Mind if I ask you what your condition range is your first week? Reason I ask is that I'm afraid to starve myself early because I am already taking condition hits from freezing so much.
  5. Thanks for all the replies, but, my bad, I should have said "Bare-Handed." With a hatchet, or even the knife, I can survive, but the bear-handed wolf fight I die every time. I think they should cap the damage on the bare-handed wolf struggle to be in-line with the bear "fight."
  6. Thx ALOT man. I'm clearly not moving enough and not starving myself enough. I'm trying to set up an initial "base" when I should be on the move sooner and looting more maps I guess.
  7. Thx for the response, and Great advice, but I do know about all those drops, and I have made a bee line for CH on a few tries (or I start in CH first ) but I still don't get how you maintain your calories b4 you have the bow. i mean you've gotta get the heavy hammer and make arrowheads AND get the hacksaw to harvest the birch and maple what are you eating while the birch is curing -- even assuming everything else lines up for u? You mentioned the deer carcass -- but there's not much meat on a frozen carcass and you gotta thaw it out
  8. What is the logic here? Is this intended? Why? a bear attacks me and I will be torn up, but a wolf attacks me and I die 9/10 times. i played with an auto clicker for a while, and felt lame so now I just avoid them or die And I'm not asking for an easier game -- I love the brutal challenge, but seems like the wolf damage should be capped like the bear damage is i wonder if younger more coordinated dudes are able to click their way out of the wolf screen, but I can't.,. Is this working as intended?
  9. I can imagine getting into a groove like this after getting the bow made. What I don't get is how you survive the first week while your stuff is curing. im playing on custom with Intetloper everything but with a rifle. Even with the rifle it's so hard. I'm starting in either CH or DP and if I make one mistake I die like a dog. some runs are just not possible. It's usually when I don't get enough matches. I know ten matches are pretty much gauranteed at Hibernia. But I just can't make them last at first. I need one off the bat if I start in DP to make water. Then if I don't get the hacksaw -- which you don't always - I can't quarter a deer I shoot - so I need a fire going while I harvest meat. i can kill rabbits all day but they give no calories. cant fish on looper the first week until the guts cure i know these maps like the back of my hand!! am I screwing up some fundamental way or are these zones too hard to start in? cant imagine how I'd get enough calories in the first few days without the rifle !!
  10. OK Just learned this last night playing-- Your eyes adjust to darkness! Spawned in DP into a blizzard. Ducked into the coal mine and thought -- dang its too dark to get through this without a torch. Was nasty outside so I wasted an hour breaking down one of crates by the door (not the best use of calories I know). Anyway, after the sound effect finished and the little time meter thing finished I could see pretty well. It was totally different! I realized my eyes had adjusted to the dark. I was able to go through the mine and even recognize the lumps of coal on the ground with no light source. I am amazed every time I play how deep this engine is. Just amazing. --------------------- Oh and in my above post I said that wolves wont be scared off by the gun after a growl...that's not true....they will be...just not after they start their final charge.
  11. False alarm, Hozz. I misread one of the posts. So much great info on the forms tho dang. Like I didnt know you could zoom in on your map.
  12. What about beer though? Isn't beer one of yer major food groups?
  13. Wow did not know that! guess I've been lucky. I have'nt been watching meat condition and I've only gotten food poisoning a couple times -- once from a can of sardines. Now I do not trust those things! another time my hand just weirdly betrayed me and hit space bar for no reason while I was looking at a peice of raw wolf meat. I wanted to eat the higher calorie peice of two pieces I had sitting out in the snow. Got parasites and food poisoning at once! oh and dog food -- got it once from dog food. Managed to make eating dog food even less appetizing (and eating dog food is waaay not appetizing already because I have a dog and his food disgusts me)
  14. Some alcoholic beverages have tons of calories too.
  15. So that means you should always store meat uncooked right? Or am I missing something....?