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  1. In regard to your earlier comment - you may feel you are just writing this journal along, but I can assure you there are many lurkers enjoying every minute of it. Of all my micro-breaks at work, by far my favourite is reading the newest chapters of Deadman, Sleepwalker and friends. I don't have a ton of time for TLD these days, and my skill level was never loper-high, so these reads allow me to enjoy it. Plus sometimes reading these stories is more enjoyable than the actual struggle for me. In addition to daily lurkers like me, I also believe you and the others writing these stories are preserving them for many future players to come. I very much enjoyed 1000 days in the dam, even though it was long finished and even obsolete when I read it.
  2. Check the safe before you go! Pants!
  3. I'm glad you made the safe decision! Your deadmans are all about longevity, and this one has a good thing going!
  4. Oh damn, he's back! I love all of these stories, way back to 1000 days in the dam. The other people that post similar ones are also awesome!
  5. This is a fantastic read. Great literary style with a new and ingenious challenge. I am a bit concerned about how long the mushrooms will last, but if you can get your clothes in order there are a few maps (like TM) that have piles of shrooms. Good luck!
  6. As a long-time lurker, I have to say that reading these stories is something I do every morning when I get to work. To me they are more enjoyable than even playing the game itself! Also, that trebly-dead thing gave me the same heart-attack as the doubly-dead. I instantly think you missed cold or infection or something and died suddenly.