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  1. My experience so far taking my 550 day interloper character... Arrive to a blizzard (lasts 8 hours) Next day weather poor but i set off. Find a cave that is not warm. Had to turn back as another blizzard hit (blizzard now going on 5+hours) Im in the entrance from Deer clearing on twm. Where is the other entrance on twm?
  2. My Interloper character is at day 520 and ive just explored the whole region so here is my 2 cents There wasn't a single pack of matches in any of the locations ive found yet Very little by way of food. There's a bear spawn and a moose which basically kept me alive. I suppose you could use fishing but there isnt enough coal to keep a fire going for long enough to keep this up. I found 1 deer i think and a couple of rabbits All the clothes are wrecked and the food is ruined but you can eat this as long as you are level 5 Best course of action ive found with the Timberwolv
  3. Good to know. Will give that a try if it happens again
  4. Same here. Seems to be if you light a fire with a lit torch
  5. Since V1.29 You cannot light fires with torches as it crashes the game. This has effectively killed Interloper until fixed. I see a bug has been raised for this already so hopefully its fixed asap