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  1. Why they are in this game and other games is understandable, the fact that they are there in the first place and where they are placed that is the problem. It is a technical shortcut which can be resolved with different map design, or by using invisible walls which you simply cannot walk thru placed in the proper areas. A wall which instantly kills you in a perma-death game without warning is a bit much however, and they are in places that you CAN access anyway (milton from the mountain down to log sort is completely accesable and will not kill you in any way shape or form to explore the area beyond the kill wall in between). A kill wall at the bottom of a ravine is an example of what you are taking about Fuarian and thats understandable. The ground itself should kill you not the way down, especially if you are climbing down to a completely safe region. In fact the kill walls we are referencing are actually all in areas where you can safely climb down mountains with ropes etc, and do not prevent you from being stuck in any way shape or form. In fact just today i lost a day 95 interloper because i accidently got stuck by falling to a ledge in milton while exploring and simply looking for a ROPE to use lol, once i fell down i broke my ankle and could not reload, and below that was the basin which is very explorable and i had a path to make it down. However i died to the kill wall on the way, which simply has no place there. So the wall not only preventing me from exploring an area which is open and safe, but actually can be considered a bug which forced me to die.
  2. First off since this is my first post i wanted to say that you have made the single best survival game on the market, thank you so much for not only creating a game of this caliber but updating it frequently. I am literally a walking advertisement for this game as i believe in the games experience as well as your team fully. That being said my first recommendation for this game is to immediately remove all kill walls from the game, as they have no place in an open world experience. Having them in a game instantly creates distrust between the developers and the community, and makes the game feel way less "open" and way more linear. If you want someone to die if they are about to pass a certain point, create a drop-off so steep that they are bound to die on impact and then you maintain your realism. Mountain-goatin is a staple of any well made open world game, and is not out of the realm of realism of possibility for someone to do in real life. People are running into these walls after investing a lot into their runs, and they are being implemented without warning which just makes everyone feel afraid to explore the wonderful worlds that you are creating. Not to mention there is just no logical reason why a person would die in such a way, and just the knowledge they are there is a big hit to this games incredible immersion factor (which is pretty much second to none in ANY game on the market imho, you guys have made a MASTERPIECE). Thank you so much, and keep up the incredible work!~