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  1. Yes I have been using Steam Cloud to sync the game for a while, but have had it disabled since the incident.
  2. I've always wondered, what is (or was) the point of taking out car batteries? Does it have anything to do with the Aurora, or just a scrapped feature that was left in for reasons unknown?
  3. This happened recently. I posted this topic about a day or two after it happened because I was busy. I had nothing completed, just percentages. No badges either since I try to focus on survival. The only progress I remember before the wipe is that I had about 61% towards the Free Runner badge
  4. Hi! Sorry I was late getting back, but i’ve been playing and nothing else is reset. Just my feats and challenges. I’m playing on PC and all my saves are safe along with my story.
  5. So my game was lagging really bad and decided to log off and restart, but before I left I wanted to check the Badges bar in the pause menu to check my stats. I then saw the “Saving...” icon but thought nothing of it at the time. So I log back on and check the Badges again in the menu, only to find all the percentages reset to zero! Can anyone explain what’s going on here? Because I have a feeling that something got corrupted that I don’t know about Thanks!