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  1. He answered me via email, if that is what you mean. The Twitter post is the following:
  2. I've asked Raphael van Lierop what did he meant by saying "shortcut" in Twitter and this is his response: The "shortcut" I referenced was indeed the rope climb from the Pleateau back down to the lowland area approaching the coastline. This is a shortcut in the sense that, otherwise, if you ever want to get up to the radio tower, you need to traverse parts of Forlorn Muskeg, Mystery Lake, and the Ravine Transition -- not a short trip, as you know. So now we know what is the shortcut...
  3. I don't think that the event has anything to do with the weather. I don't recall story saying anything about the weather getting colder, but I might be wrong. And Raphael van Lierop suggested that they might in the future make a TLD 2, with changing seasons. This implies that the disaster isn't causing a permanent winter.
  4. My theory when the story mode appeared in 2017 was that aurora was a man-made disaster, caused to cripple furthermore the infrastructure of the Great Bear island and make it man free. The disaster could be caused by a weapon, created by mainlanders as a secret project known only by military. This weapon was found by the Forrest talkers or other radical group, and activated. The proof that supported my argument was that the project was called Wintermute. If you remember, it is high suggested that Jeremiah had been a military. Probably he had found out about the secret project and he quitted, choosing to live a solitary life. But it is just a theory that waits to be proved/disproved.
  5. The part about the discovery of the insuline is controversial. You can find out more in the link below. His discovery was neglected by the scientific world during that period, mainly because of the lack of money and resources to publish and continue his research, now being neglected by scientific community.
  6. You seem to forget that she had an armory in her basement. Isn't it possible that she had more than one rifle? If that's not the case, please explain me why the exploded rifle was even there?
  7. I've found out that they won't attack you if they are alone. They need to be a pack and a hurt timberwolf doesn't join the pack any more... So even if you break their morale, without killing/hurting them, they will return after you. So the best way to deal with them is to kill/hurt them
  8. You forget that you find an exploded rifle in Molly's house, which would suggest that she tried to save her husband, but the rifle exploded...
  9. I totally agree with the points made here. I am not sure if I want the remaining 3 episodes that are made in a span of one year, but seeming to be unfinished, or to wait 3 years and have a very, very, very good narrative. To me, this episode seemed unfinished, but still having great potential. I've enjoyed the first two episodes (predux and redux) and they had a great story. But ep. 3 seemed to lack that. And I am afraid that remaking the episodes might become a tradition for Hinterland...
  10. I totally agree with the OP. The actual story seemed to me to be a little thin. It started strong. The first 30 minutes of gameplay were the most intense part of the whole episode, and I was expecting to continue so, only to find out that after Astrid gets to community hall, she doesn't even mention Mackenzie, the aurora or Molly to the father Tom. I was expecting to learn more about what happened in Milton, what happened to Astrid's kid or even what's in the case. And even the notes/letters seemed to be incomplete/short.
  11. I've played the episode on hardened survivor and it didn't seem to me to be too hard. And I am far from an experienced player.
  12. Yeah. I think the same. I was expecting to find out more about Astrid and what happened to her.
  13. What do you think of this review made by a survivalist?