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  1. Budji

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Oh! completely forgot about the fireplace... and I've thrown all the wood I have on the barrel.
  2. Budji

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Also, it looks like you're forced to go out as I can't get a fire going inside the PV farmhouse and accelerants don't work either. Tried the fire barrel outside and it worked. Irony of it is that I'm at a place with a good source of firewood, but without a hatchet. This is gonna suck but having gotten the first badge and was only able to start on day 2 makes it worthwhile I guess. Good luck on your midnight badges people!
  3. Budji

    DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Are there wolves on Day 4? I always thought wolves are hunkered down in their shelters whenever there's a blizzard, or is that on the normal play-through only?
  4. Okay so this seems to happen only if you place the meat on the ground right after cooking and does not degrade if you pick it up and then drop it. In the below video tested on a voyageur sandbox play-through with update 1.37, the meat is ruined instead of just degrading.
  5. Ohai. This is in story mode on capable survivor difficulty. This is the only instance I've tested it so will test again and let you know. Thanks! EDIT: BTW the degrading condition happened on all the meat on the ground in the video.
  6. Hey guys, okay so I noticed that after cooking a 94% condition raw meat, it goes 100% percent and then placing it on the ground and picking it up again condition is 77% is this normal? Link to screencast
  7. I see, thanks for testing that one out. Regarding the meat cooking, yeah I figured as much.
  8. I haven't tried it yet, but the cooking time might be dependent on the temp of the campfire. Has anyone tried increasing the temp? BTW, when cooking meat, maybe add a steak-like level like rare, medium, well-done? I like mine medium-rare hahahaha
  9. Bumping this up as I noticed that you can add food stuff on your radial menu, but not able to add research books in Campcraft. Any chance this could be added in the next update?
  10. Thanks @cekivi I guess it's my turn, where's Will?
  11. Ang galing! Isang manlalaro rin ng TLD.
  12. Out of curiosity, what forum system are you guys (Hinterland) using? or is it custom-built inhouse? TIA
  13. Coastal Highway, facing the bridge near the Fishing Camp?