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  1. Sunwolf

    4-slot cooking

    Yep, but then you're using twice the wood to fuel two two-slot fires than if you had a single 4-slot stove. Options exist. More could exist.
  2. Sunwolf

    4-slot cooking

    We have 1-slot cooking options, 2-slot cooking options, and 6-slot cooking options. I'd like to see some 4-slot cooking options.
  3. Precisely. When traversing slopes in snow, particularly when carrying any kind of load, the true risk factor comes with speed, not the mere act of the traverse. If anything, sprain risk should be tied to sprinting on said slopes.
  4. Actually, yes. One of my favorite backpacking routes involves traversing hillsides, maybe 30-40% grades, for maybe 1.5-2 miles. It's the first couple hours of the route and certainly the most difficult part. I regularly do my winter backpacking, sometimes with snowshoes, sometimes without, on this route.
  5. No, but then I never move any distance in TLD while coming close to being encumbered. I have, however, spent much of my time traversing said mountain slopes while wearing a moderately heavy backpack, perhaps 15-20kg, which is roughly what I carry in TLD when I'm moving any distance. Thank you for pointing out that it's a game. I otherwise never would have noticed. Sure there has to be some punishment, but in my opinion (that's the key word here), the punishment for traversing a steep slope while UNencumbered is too predictable. I'm not picking on every negative mechanic, just this one. LTR.
  6. I kind of agree with the OP. I have extensive real-life experience traversing mountain slopes, some very steep, and have never sprained anything. I'm not saying the mechanic shouldn't be there, but in TLD an increased risk risk seems to have turned into a guaranteed result. I would suggest an off-low-medium-high option in the customize menu to fine-tune the sprain result the individual player is looking for. Personally, I'm looking for an experience that goes like this: I'm wandering around, exploring. I'm a fit, relatively strong adult with no major health issues. Yes, the slope I'm on is steep but I'm not too worried. Most of the time I do just fine and complete my traverse of the slope without incident. Rarely (as I would expect to see in real life), I would get a minor sprain. As it stands now, what I'm seeing is: I'm wandering around, exploring. I'm a fit, relatively strong adult with no major health issues. OH CRAP, the slope I'm on is steep. I'd better reverse course or I'm almost certain to injure myself if I continue.
  7. Fair criticism, and I agree with most of it.
  8. This is not an MMO. You're not on a subscription plan. Beyond the original purchase price of the game, there have been precisely zero attempts by Hinterland to solicit additional funds from their customers. They released a game for a set price, and you bought it. If you weren't happy with the original game when you bought it, that's one thing, but to complain that the extensive updates throughout the months/years since you forked over your funds amount to the game not being worthwhile smacks of delusion or a deliberate attempt at trolling. Bye Felicia.
  9. This is demonstrably untrue. The frustration to which you refer is entirely subjective. This is purely opinion. Please try to separate your personal opinion from fact. You fail to provide the groundwork for your comparison between The Long Dark and "other Survival games"... Sorry to hear about your personal frustrations. Please keep in mind that they are personal and not shared by everyone. Yes, it's frustrating that The Long Dark was produced and developed by a small, independent studio and not a giant gaming behemoth like EA or Activision/Blizzard. But just think, were the opposite the case, the game likely would likely either 1) never see any updates, or 2) any updated would come in the form of obscenely expensive loot boxes. Be careful what you wish for. The Long Dark was released in August of 2017. Since that time, Hinterland hasn't released a single pay-to-play update. Every single thing they've done to improve the original game has been released for free. Your lack of appreciation for the free updates that have been released is remarkable. Perhaps they had other priorities. You do not run Hinterland. You have not seen the totality of the feedback they've received from their customers. See above re: opinion. You mean like Forlorn Muskeg, Hushed River Valley, Interloper, and the ability to customize the game to be even more difficult than Interloper? Is that the Nothing to which you refer? I appreciate your belated admission of opinion, but the "evident lack of interest/competence" is, again, demonstrably false. Hinterland could well have released the game, shut down all development in favor of a paid sequel or released the updates they've made as minor paid updates, or together as a paid DLC, and virtually no one would have batted an eye as this would conform to SOP in the gaming industry. Instead, they've worked for a year-and-a-half, financially unrewarded, to make this game better because they (and this is my opinion) clearly love and take great pride in their product. They've been rewarded with a rabid fanbase and widespread acknowledgement that their product is, and has continued to be, the height of accomplishment in its genre. While I appreciate your opinion of the game, and you're certainly entitled to it, you base your criticism on things that are entirely subjective or are demonstrably false. Personally, while there are things about the game that have, and continue to drive me nuts (the immersion-killing, brightly-lit breath effect even when no light sources exist, for example), I choose to focus on the fact that I paid less than $20 (black friday sale) for a game I've played in excess of 600 hours and will likely play hundreds more. Because of this, I can only either hope you find something else that holds your interest, or write you off as a troll.
  10. I'm very impressed with the new developer update. However, I'm nervous as well. I'm nervous about what I like to call "resource creep". I'm not sure if there's an established term for it but it amounts to adding new mechanics and resources without doing anything to increase the difficulty of the overall game beyond static difficulty setting adjustment. Over time the end result is, while there may be a few "hardcore" zones that provide some challenge, the majority of the zones, particularly those that were introduced early in the game's development, become boring and easy and fail to provide any meaningful sense of threat as the game goes on. I can already see things like the active feats system as well as in-game stuff like the moose hide satchel causing this. The mechanisms already in place (progressively increased cold, reduction of wildlife, etc) help but I'm not sure if they help enough. Has "resource creep" been discussed in-house and if so, are there plans to address it beyond what's already been implemented?
  11. Will you ever implement a jumping mechanic?
  12. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh god, thank you so much.
  13. There's this thing called the "internet". I'd bet everything I own that if you really want to see it, you'll get your chance.