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  1. How does shaved Will look like? Seriously now, (I mean if you want you can answer) is there a chance for the "rose hip vines" climb animation to be dependent from the player so that I control whether I go up or down? Not like it takes much time, but it's sometimes annoying when you want to pick rose hips, but you end up going down/up, which also makes me nauseous (severe motion sickness here). The ability to quickly climb up back would benefit everyone, I think at least. Also, here's what I meant by climbing even though you didn't want to:
  2. As the game is *somewhat* old, and that some systems were overhauled, what do you think, as a game developer, is harder to do? To add and balance new stuff around the already made game without providing an overpowered mechanic, or to overhaul already existing mechanics, while trying to make it both viable and similar to what it was? The reason why I'm asking this question is because there are some games, such as DST or TF2 that have the problem of overhauling.
  3. Is the "Willpower" system still a thing?
  4. I cannot say if this question was asked before, but @Raphael van Lierop, what's your highest day score?
  5. So the game has had a lot of updates since the launch, but some things have been changed, even though they weren't bad. Brandishing Old searching mechanic brand instead of torches from fires. Old "bars" UI + about XX hours of daylight left But why? Brandishing was more realistic + easier. I think the system could be re-implemented in the way that M1 is brandishing, while M2 is throwing, which would have a bigger chance of scaring wolves away. Old mechanic while you had a random chance to find an item when the bar was filling. It WAS realistic + it gave exciting moments. It was just far more realistic + torches weren't that easy to obtain. Maybe it's just me, but "bars" looked simply better. the "XX hours of daylight left" was making me more careful with time, while now I just don't know if I can repair those boots before the night comes. If someone disagrees/wants to add something, just reply.
  6. The game's motto "How far will you go to survive?" wasn't much of a thing in first two episodes ( while only one actually having consequences ). Is this feature going to be expanded in later episodes?
  7. Please don't set the colour to a dark one on a dark forum ( woah it sounds like hinterland is selling kidneys or sth )
  8. So I killed a bear today, but there was a wolf. I mean, I escaped easily, but I think that decoy now is a bit "archaic" I'd say, looking at the cooking overhaul. I think that our character should be able to equip decoy ( meat or guts ), and then to throw it away, just like with torches and flares, as it would be a lot easier then to escape from predators.
  9. I know it's a small thing, but please, it would be really cool!
  10. Morphe

    Aurora benefits

    So, I just thought about the same thing, but here's another two: A microwave is now usable, giving you a fast method to cook food without any fuel A fridge and especially a freezer can now restore food quality ( I know it's kinda weird, but the spoiled meat could be eaten again. )
  11. I would like to play TLD with some effects such as an old film or monochrome. Is this in plans?
  12. If for every person who wants to have a wolf pet in TLD I would get a bullet for a hunting rifle, I would be Rambo. I don't want to insult you, but it sounds like a typical 13-year-old girl dream of having a wolf pet. Stop it. This is not a game about having a c00t doggo, it's about killing those horse-shits everytime they do run at you. An idea of having some sort of a pet is nice, maybe like a Canary who would alarm you of dangerous mine collapsing ( I would like to see this kind of a feature, maybe during blizzards ). I don't understand that obsession with dogs. I have one, she's about 16 years. I love her, but man, they aren't better than any other pet. If I would be in a deep forest with a hungry wolf wanting me dead, I would snap his neck ( probably I'll day because I'm weak and a crybaby, but you get the point ).
  13. About a lighter, there is something similar, a firestriker. It also increases your chances to 90%
  14. So, I finally managed to make this wish. I just hope this time I will get noticed by someone. As we all know, our clothing as from Resolute Outfitter update can get wet and frozen. It takes our outer layer, but what about the inner one? So here's the thing: Clothing now can get dirty from the blood. How does it work? As you know, when you get blood loss affliction, you bleed. Now, when not taken care if, your most inner clothing which is in the same slot as your injury, it will make your clothes dirty. What're the consequences? 1.Your scent will stick to you until you will clean your coat, mittens etc. 2.If multiple "not cleaning" will happen, your clothing will ruin faster and it will be harder for you to move So now, how to clean it. It's rather simple: Use cloth and water. You can use both unsafe water for it, and cloth. You will need to spend 0.20 litre and 10% of cloth's condition.