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  1. I thought that is was which ever is farthest from the illustration of your survivor is the outer layer, so left for coats and shirts, and right for pants and long johns.
  2. Yeah, a wall barometer would be cool. The pocket ones are pretty nifty too.
  3. Weather prediction in the mountains can save your life! There are signs that a traveler can observe that will give some indication of what the weather will be doing in the future. Some examples are observing rings around the sun or moon; those rings indicate moisture and are cirrostratus clouds that are often associated with warm weather fronts. These rings often signal a storm approaching within 72 hours. A red western horizon at sunrise signals clouds approaching that day. Observing the various cloud formations are used in prediction as well. Although it might be fun to have a bunch of these indicators in-game, it would be much more straight forward to abstract them to a new skill, "Predict Weather". That kind of passive skill might present its own problems however, because it is not really like any of the other skills, which are more active. So perhaps the best solution to get weather prediction into the game would be to add a new item, the Barometer. It would be simple to use; just pull it out and take note of the reading. If you notice that the air pressure is trending down over time, then it is likely that a storm is approaching. Gaining elevation will also cause a drop in pressure, so the player would need to take that into account. A quick and large drop in air pressure, well, hold onto your hat!
  4. I give you Joy of your achievement, and I enjoyed reading your account and reflections. Well done.
  5. Interesting. The Wiki says that only about 100 of them were manufactured. Being able to fire up to 60 shots before cleaning sounds pretty awesome though!
  6. Better make it a Hawkin Rifle then.
  7. I have been using the journal more, specifically the Notes page. It would be nice if the game time stamped each entry. Also, pressing the enter key should be a line-feed instead of saving your entry.
  8. Running XP is extremely dangerous. There are numerous unpatched exploits present. You could be in danger just by clicking one wrong link or seeing one wrong advertisement. Those big hundreds-of-thousands-strong bot nets? Most are running XP. In this day and age, smart surfing is like using the calendar method for birth control.
  9. Looks like a nice fit to me.
  10. What do you think? In case you are wondering what "keyholing" means:
  11. Why in the world would I want a "deplorable outdoor container" haha? (guessing that auto-correct is having her way with you) I like the idea, however, in all of the bear country that I have been in, it is always recommended that you hang your food high off of the ground. Not only does it make it hard to get at, but it helps keep the scent off of your camp.