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  1. it would be nice that game have season game mode when summer landscape is green not snowy autum leaves rain down decemper snow start fall down. good idea for survival game mode or some new challenge game mode where you need survive and prepare to next winter and survive to next spring. and you can see pass to time when landscape turn to green and autum leaves rain down and winter snow start rain and make whole landscape to white
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    would it be nice if hinterland animate bear walking around jeremiah cabin at game menu :)? when game is finished
  3. i got great hardcore update idea for long dark but how we can get it trough :I? so you could catch wolfs to pets and make sleigh for chopping trees and stuff then u could put wolf to move your sleigh and you need forge to make steel parts for sleigh that would be amaizing but i bet it would just come survival not story :I. that would be amaizing update about travelling faster in game *wolf sleigh* and i forget say you could add bear bedroll in sleigh so you can be warm there not cold or normal bed roll and store stuff to sleigh so you dont need carry over 40 kg items all the time sorry my bad inglish could this be possible to add atleast on survival mode maybe not story? item requirements to wolf sleigh 4-6 wolf bear bedroll hacksaw hammer forge fir and cedar wood and maybe sticks and last one rope and litle detail there how many wolf you have that give you more item space to carry if you have 4 wolfs you can store 40 kg and if you have 6 wolf you could store 60kg stuff
  4. i got amaizing idea for game could you guys make annoying crafting loading screen or cooking screen like you need actually craft item not just like craft and wait some time if you can craft it moving knife if you make some arrows and stuff that would be more interesting than wait some hours?