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  1. Then what is the point of language support through steam? I would assume it would not cover the same languages. Nice try though. You also completely ignored the rest of my comment. If you wish to start something, maybe consider trying to be constructive instead? I doubt anyone here wishes to deal with two people bickering, and would rather we pose insightful and productive means of creating a mod support framework. For my part, I will acknowledge that the steam workshop language support may well be outdated and no longer used. To be blunt I doubt this. Regardless, my original point stands, outdated or not. There does, in fact, still exist some means of mod support already. Weather you like steam or not is your own problem, and also off topic.
  2. I pretty much agree with you huntergathers. Like I said, if glass was a collectible item, you could maybe make a tiny greenhouse. My mother has one, not even a walk-in greenhouse, which she uses to grow things in winter in Wisconsin. It is a pain, but does work. There is at least one major catch- she always has to clear the snow off. In TLD there are more levels of complication, including water being a relatively precious resource. I like a couple of your points, especially the one about furs making beds warmer. Kinda pointless once you are covered in furs, but still. I like it. Would be more useful if this also applied to bedrolls, but made you more attractive to animals. You know what would be great? Being able to sit in chairs. Could reduce calorie burn when doing tasks that pass time, such as crafting and cooking (or even just... passing time). Then having the ability to move intact chairs around, even if you can't actually pick them up. Gonna spend 25 hours crafting that wolfskin coat? Pull up a chair. Humans burn less calories sitting than standing, this is proven. It is why standing desks are a thing. This fits nicely with what you said huntergathers. It also opens the door to add things like camp stools (lightweight craftable for sitting?), or a reason to place a fire in a certain place. I always thought it was a bit weird that there is a camp office, a lake covered in fishing huts, each with it's own stove, and a bunch of cabins with no stoves, but not one single fire pit around any of it. If fire pits were added near the cabins, they could have stools near them, making them more valuable as points of shelter. Even just a stump or log could be sat on, encouraging certain places for fires, and making fires more tactical. Need to get warm, also starving- need fire. Will die before food cooks though. Finds stump. Salvation! (very extreme, but you maybe see the point, would also contribute to long term survival) I would like to see more camp craft stuff in general. I was exited by the pot and the cans for cooking. Would be nice to have a winter survival tent as an extremely rare spawn. Maybe one spawns in the entire world per playthrough, in a wide variety of locations. Obviously not at all on higher difficulties. These, in reality, can be as light as 3lbs. You could have a tent, a fire pit, a stool, and your pot. I am very keen on this. If some sort of small container were craftable, and placeable, that could be added in as well, allowing you to establish a forward base in places that really have next to no shelter. Oof I kinda rambled on there about a related idea that ties in very closely. Bit off topic that^. Anyway, I suspect as subsequent episodes drop we will see more functionality come to certain parts of the game I really love the new cooking system. And I suspect we will see more of this, as it was somewhat hinted at in episode 1 with the Grey Mother making the player soup. What we will see in the future likely depends on where the devs plan on taking the episodes.
  3. For those that don't use steam, well, there is already Nexus mods with a portion for TLD. (Don't get your hopes up, it contains a grand total of about 2 mods, and one is a map file that I do not think is added to the game.) Bethesda's Oblivion never had much in the way of "mod support". It happened anyway. Could go that way here too. Modding will almost certainly happen with or without devs approval. My point was that they already have one means of granting mod support. For in-game support they could add an option to the main menu for mods, just a button, similar to the existing Wintermute, Survival, Options... ect. At least for managing the mod files you add to the game. I am not a programmer, so I do not know how stringent this would be to do. That said, it is also completely unoriginal and boring. Out of curiosity, if you don't have steam, how do you change your language support? If there is a process involving downloading a file and dropping it into a certain file location... well. Welcome to adding mods to a game? Kinda how it works... In which case there already exists a level of mod support anyway. Difference being, I doubt Hinterland has files in place to make your game not run if you change the files, that you would need to delete first.
  4. Oi, it has been a long time. I am disappointed to see no other replies to this. I realizing I am probably necroing this thread hard, but I would like to see some other opinions.
  5. Yes this. Better still if it mapped out in a cone in front of you as far as you can see, with obstructions creating cones of darkness beyond- obviously you cannot see through hills, unless you are superman. And then, why the hell are you stranded? Seriously. I would say trees would not count as obstructions. The higher you are, the further out you map. Big areas of very flat land? You sketch out where things are, but with a slow fade away as you get less certain of distance. (im looking at you mystery lake >,..,<) It would take 4x the charcoal to map in a circle around you, but you could potentially cover much more area with those four than as things stand.
  6. Welp. I like the idea. It really depends on implementation. Living is the challenge. I think something like this could be an alternate ending? Like, rather than escape Great Bear, you settle? But that's getting off topic. Just surviving is the challenge of this game. No additional barriers required. Spending hours in the snow felling trees, trimming them, shaping them, dragging them, placing them, plus maintaining the tools used? .... nope. I can't see it. I do have a counter proposal. On any given playthrough, any number of cabins can be ruined or burnt down. What if rather than building your own place, you could salvage things from these to fix one up? Stake a claim on an existing building, then add to/change it? Get together enough glass to make a tiny greenhouse that VERY SLOWLY grows herbs for teas? I don't know. I kind of doubt this will actually be implemented. Actually I really doubt it. Honestly it goes against the spirit of TLD. I still like the idea though.
  7. Yes please. I know from experience that my old thermos could keep things hot for an insane amount of time. I once filled it with coffee in winter, and left it in the car over a weekend, after having taken it to work and forgetting I had brought it. The coffee was still hot. Not overly steaming, but still hot enough to have to drink slowly without pain. Another time I didn't drink the coffee, and it got set on the counter for like two weeks. Coffee was still mildly warm. Notably warmer than the ambient air. And that was without priming the thermos. A primed thermos will keep liquid hot even longer. On thing about this that could make it absolutely amazing is if you could find different sizes. A big flask would be quite heavy, but keep a large amount of liquid/food warm, where a smaller one would be lighter and more fitting for cups of tea.
  8. I like the idea of owls. My thought if they were going to add some new critter was a bobcat. Generally would flee the player, and hunt rabbits and deer. (yes, they actually do freaking hunt deer) If the player approaches a feeding bobcat though, it could become aggressive. Bobcats can do serious damage, and I think it would be awesome to have a hat item made from the pelt. We have everything else(in terms of clothing items). That said I could never hurt one, I love kittys... >,..,<
  9. I am for mod support. Implementation through steam workshop would simplify the process of adding mods, and it would appear that there already exists some framework of doing so- as you can change the language support that way.
  10. Actually black powder itself is NOT corrosive. Sulfur- which is and optional part of black powder used to lower ignition temps IS. So technically if you followed my initial recipe for black powder assuming you use primers there would be no sulfur and hence no corrosion. Buuut you would almost certainly need to clean your gun much more often. As to how to tackle the issue of primers- they would probably be found where any other gun related tools could be found, and a box would probably contain a high number of them. (Did a quick lookup of buying primers for this- a box can contain hundreds to thousands, meaning one box would probably set you for life in this game.) Ideally crafting your own ammo would be very endgame. If it were set up as a single random spawn prepper cache, that could appear anywhere in the world map, finding it, collecting ammo junk, and actually crafting the ammo would be a highly involved process. And if crafted ammo damaged your gun more per shot, the value of current ammo would still be preserved, at least to some degree. Also, propellants (in terms of bullets) burn, not explode. Also, you say this^ but couldn't the same be said of you? I do not mean to sound accusatory, but you say this as if we are just supposed to believe you, while at the same time literally this exact same thing could be said of you. Lets not bring this kind of thing to the discussion, such attempts at discrediting are an insult to everyone.
  11. I think a realistic survivor would make the most out of any kind of resource they can. I could certainly see single use deadfall traps made from fallen branches though, that could kill a wolf. That should maybe be another thread though.
  12. Lol, I can kinda see it. Not so sure they would make such a blatant reference though.
  13. This gave me a much needed laugh. Been a bad day. That aside, am I the only one who feels that the range of the rifle in game is unrealistically short?
  14. Actually, I kind of like this idea. If it were a guaranteed prepper cache that spawned randomly in any zone except Mystery Lake, on stalker or less difficulty, it could be a serious challenge to find. I feel like that would balance out a lot of the benefit one would gain, without too much stress on coding.
  15. And a jacket is probably copper. Which is likely a metal included in the grouping of metals forming the amalgam item known as "scrap metal", along with lead. However, this still leaves the issue of smokeless powder untouched. So while crafting bullets may be feasible, the logistics of propellant remains the main deathblow to this possibility, unless someone finds a significant workaround.