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  1. burned to death by my Chiwawa Dooky, I was cooking some water in the cave to Mountain Town, I left my remote on the couch to go get some water for me, my dog saw the remote and catches the smell of my finger on it start licking it I guess it was tasting a bit like the burger I had for lunch ... he licked the stick enough to drag me into the campfire and I died...
  2. I really like the paradise meadow farm, There is deers, and wolfs not too far, you can store wood in the back of the house, once the house is clean you can organize and its a nice spot.
  3. Personally I prefer the Forlorn Muskeg, Its a pain for the weather, and the bear is a bit scary, there is plenty of wolf, but it a fast and easy place to go to create your first smelted weapon and tools. It's easy to go there right after Mystery Lake, then Mountain Town and finally go down to Forlorn Muskeg. At that point you already have crossed the railway. You can get to the hunting tower then to the Old Spence Family Farmstead.
  4. My uncle Still have the .303 Endfields Given to my grand-father during the second world war.
  5. I haven't found one yet! I spawned in Mistery lake, I have searched all the fishing lodge, and the small camp around the lake, the 3 lumberjack trailers, the Dam, Made my way to the Office then to the Hunting cabin, I'm now at the top of Milton area, and Hiding in the Mother Goose house, evil wolf swarming the place, I can hear them I feel like the end is near ...
  6. I was in the worst part of that storm, (we were out of power for 33 days, heating food using the wood oven, and relaying each other to empty the water drain in the basement for it to not get flooded.
  7. It remember me of the Ice storm from 98 My VW rabbit (1980) was covered under 15 cm of ice (thick ice) that's 6 to 7 inches
  8. http://www.ediblewildfood.com/cattail.aspx I also found a site with the calories values : 5 cal per serving ... https://www.healthbenefitstimes.com/cattail/ This is a good description
  9. Cat tail, its the white stalk at the base (more tender) that you eat, the taste is somewhat similar to those canned bamboo that you can get at the supermarket. It totally edible, but taste almost nothing you can slice it and add it to a salad. But I dont think there is that much calories in a cat tail stalk IRL
  10. Like every one I have started in ML (Mistery Lake), the more I was progressing the more I have discovered other place, the second place I had discover was the Forlong Muskeg, that cost me my like a few time (darn ice, wolf and bear), I then visited the Broken railroad, (the cold and wolf) got me there a few time, (from there I don't know if there is a connection to Mountain Town. I went back to Forlong muskeg I need to find the path to Mountain Town, I found the cave near the Hunter cabin in ML. I know that up north the railroad connect to the Broken Bridge area, and then to the Coastal Highway then Desolation Point. In mistery lake the dam connect to Pleasant valley, I know I can reach Pleasant Valley trough Coastal Highway. So Basically BR connected to FM FM connected to ML, MT, BR ML connected to PV ( trough the DAM), BB, FM, MT BB connected to CH and ML CH is connected to PV, BB, and DP DP is connected to CH and PV is connected to ML trough the DAM, CH and TWM TWM is connected to PV I'm I correct or I missed something
  11. I'm in custom ( voyager ) I'm still in a learning curve once I reach 50 days and have explored the world enough, I'll move to stalker. I'm getting slowly there. Bu I still do dumb mistake of going too close to cliff... My character seems to often die of broken spinal cord lol.
  12. Is it a bug or the wolf meat now give you chance of parasite even cooked ?
  13. On Steam I did not see any mod patch for polish, I've seen Ukrainian, but if you found it I would really like that : wypic kawe w kabinie mysliwego... sorry for the english keybord.
  14. Exploring the December update discovering the cave that lead to Mountain Town, try to find the ledge to go in the valley, to step too close to the cliff seeing a wolf turning around to shoot, backing off the threat falling off the cliff snapping my neck and dying of pure agony...