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  1. Players from Russia get this achievement. But only in the beta version.
  2. Do you have 11 cards? So everything is correct. Details can be learned in the mode of survival.
  3. Farewell, dead cartographer! Others will come. They will change their coziness for risk and hard work. They will pass this route.
  4. Checkpoint from "Hinterland" !!! This is when you break your arms and legs and follow the conservation. Only not in those cases when stuck.
  5. Even with 100% possibility, there is a small chance to fail. I do not think that this is a mistake. I took it for granted.
  6. This game reminds me of the works of Jack London.
  7. This film is very inspired by Naughty Dog to develop the game The Last of Us.
  8. TLD is an independent project with protected rights. Some coincidences are accidental.
  9. No, it's not. In this case, the TLD would have to make a link and so on. Copyright is a serious thing.
  10. I learn about the uneasiness in the presence of the moderator. So that.
  11. For everyone else: why do you ignore the author? You have nothing to say to him? In that case, why are you going to this topic?
  12. Thanks to the developers! For balance in the game. Therefore, a loser will not receive a bear. He can only take a magnifying glass and measure the thickness of the ice.
  13. The wounded beast was taught to run away. The wolf was taught to "swing the pendulum". If I could not light a fire - I need to open the topic of dry and wet firewood ???
  14. It's you who missed the bear. He took away ammo, calories and time from you. Now you can calmly discuss the problem of thin and thick ice.
  15. You wanted that the bear brought its meat and skin directly to your fire? No problem - shoot more accurately. If he ran towards the surf, then just forget it. Or just replay the episode.