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  1. Hi! So, I started playing Wintermute when it came out. It worked all great until there was the part, where you get Lily's climbing stuff from the chest in her room. I took them and started hiking where the game told me to go. I got killed by bunch of wolves, and respawned in the grey mother's cabin. Then the game told me again to get Lily's climbing stuff from the chest. Well, there is nothing. I can't see the climbing stuff anywhere, and I think I had tried everything, so I waited couple months that the bug would get fixed. Well, they didn't. I have the latest version of the long dark, and I still can't do anything. The game just tells me to get the climging equipment from the chest, but there is nothing in there. So please help! Do I have to do something specific, or do I need to start the wintermute ALL over again. Best regards, Arttu