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  1. EP 3 has huge Immersion Problems and it totally ruins the experience

    One of the most important things in TlD is the believable worldbuilding and that actions have consequences. One never has the feeling, that stupid decisions will not ruin your run. And yes i know, that this is storymode, but that doens't mean that we have to dumb the core values of the window. 

    What do i mean exactly:

    1. Timberwolf: This is just a gamy mechanic with no real porpose other than to stress out the player. You can not avoid it and the solution is just plain stupid. Just shoot at them until a hud element drops to zero. For a game which does not want a overbearing UI, this is a strange solution to a made up problem. 


    2. Story problems: Astrid is a badass, i get it. I don't have a problem with a strong woman in a videogame. But what she does is straight up incredible and to say it bluntly, stupid.

    She investigates a planecrash in the hills to look for survivors and find the ID's of victims. So she strolls up the mountain and finds the crashside. She than finds some dead bodies and loot which she can use. Than suddenly she hears a weak moaning and she runs to it to help a survivor. Joke is on you, you have to collect the ID's and the insuline before you can interact with a dying woman. That right there alone would kill any immersion you got until that point. Even worse if you have to search for a hidden body for half an hour, while this woman is dying alone without any treatment. But it does not end here at all, it gets even worse.

    So you treat her injuries as good as you can and troubleshoot what you can do. Bring this woman to a protected place where you can see for her needs and get her on her feets again. So you pick her up and find the perfect place, a cave with fireplace not far from the crashside. You go in and just toss her to the ground like  an annoying piece of shit (what she really is). You start a fire to get her bodytemp up and keep troubleshooting. At this point i was excited, i thought i had to leave her there to get stuff, medicine and food, for her survival. But little did i know, i read the questlog! The game reallx wants you, a woman with probably 60 kg, to pick up your bag, 30 kg, and this woman, probs 45-50 kg, and bring to the community centre. Are you shitting me? Not even the "Mountain" could do that, let alone a woman with 60 kg. To makes things even worse, you have to keep her warm. The funny thing is, that at the planechrash there is enough stuff to equip a footballteam. But you don't use that and you just let her freeze to death while you are sweating in your cloths and under the 80-100 kg on your back.


    After that experience i could not bear the thought of playing EP 3 further, and that makes me sad. I love the game in general, but this storyline does not fit into the world Hinterland created so carefully. Pls discuss the point with me and let me know if i am wrong or just stupid.



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  2. Hey Hinterlandteam,

    thank you for the game, i really enjoy it. I have a suggestion regarding a new difficulty. 

    Firstly, why? 

    I enjoy the realism in the game and the resulting gameplay. I always play in in "stalker" difficulty, because i want it as hard as possible while there are items which are realistic to be found in this environment, for example knives, axes and rifles. I have a kind of autistic side in me, which cannot except the fact, that there are no such items as mentioned in interloper mode. Keep in mind, that it is totally ok for me that the interloper mode is the way it is, but i just cannot play it that way ;)

    So, what then?

    How about a new mode between stalker and interloper, items should be as rare as interloper or even a bit rarer, whilst the weatherspikes can get even worse. Even the aggrorange of animals should be widened (perhaps just the range of the smell), but the key difference should be, that every item can get found. Very important to balance this mode, is that the good items should really be a rare find, like only one gun in the complete game, and only one knife per map or something. Finding the loot should be the most awesome feeling ever, i think you know what i mean. 

    The result?

    I still remember the first rifle i found in this game, after being hunted and abused by wildlife, being a total noob and dying stupid deaths, it was an amazing feeling to hold it in my hands. And i want this feeling again, without having to be a noob.


    Thank you for reading, keep up the good work.


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