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  1. EP 3 has huge Immersion Problems and it totally ruins the experience One of the most important things in TlD is the believable worldbuilding and that actions have consequences. One never has the feeling, that stupid decisions will not ruin your run. And yes i know, that this is storymode, but that doens't mean that we have to dumb the core values of the window. What do i mean exactly: 1. Timberwolf: This is just a gamy mechanic with no real porpose other than to stress out the player. You can not avoid it and the solution is just plain stupid. Just shoot at them until a hud ele
  2. Hey Hinterlandteam, thank you for the game, i really enjoy it. I have a suggestion regarding a new difficulty. Firstly, why? I enjoy the realism in the game and the resulting gameplay. I always play in in "stalker" difficulty, because i want it as hard as possible while there are items which are realistic to be found in this environment, for example knives, axes and rifles. I have a kind of autistic side in me, which cannot except the fact, that there are no such items as mentioned in interloper mode. Keep in mind, that it is totally ok for me that the interloper mode is the w