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  1. All I can do is say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 20 € spent on this game is the best "most value for money" transaction I have ever done. So much new stuff and improvements all the time. Thank you.
  2. Wow this sounds awesome! Thank you so much Hinterland, can't wait to go home and play. Have a great weekend everybody! Cheers, Matti from Finland
  3. Rovaniemeltä Masa terve. Vuoden verran Xbox Onella pelannut.
  4. Hello everybody. I am new here, but I have been playing the game for about a year now. I live in Rovaniemi, Finland, and I am a scout. So this game is very much up my alley in terms of the ambience. The weather, making fires, waiting for a cabin to warm up, cooking up a steak... It's so peaceful and relaxing. The thing I enjoy most right now, is the system where you paint your map with the charcoal as you go. It makes me want to draw the whole map to completion, and that's what I'm trying to do on my current survival play.
  5. Hello everyone and thank you for the responses. I can't believe how stupid I was when I tried the sleeping bag trick, I should've just loaded the most recent save! Now this playthrough is ruined because of my stupidity! I am going to however contact Hinterland as suggested, and show them the video and explain my situation. Well, time to start a new game again Thank you everyone for the responses once again, good to know I can come here with a problem (or just to talk) and have a good conversation. Wish you all good times with the game!
  6. Hello! I am a new member here, but I have been playing TLD on the xbox one for about a year. Mostly been browsing the forums, but now I had to make an account to ask for help. I am literally stuck in between a railing and some junk at Carter Hydro Dam, and I can't get out. I tried putting my bedroll down on the walkway, and then sleeping, hoping to wake up not being stuck anymore but that didn't help. I made a YouTube video about my situation, if anyone has any suggestions as to what do, they would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't ask if the current character was new, obviously.