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  1. You're right, I should have read that. That would have saved me some grief in the short term, but it still wouldn't change where we are now. If I had seen that and still purchased the game, I would be in the same scenario I am now, waiting endlessly for an episode that keeps being delayed. The best analogy I can give you is imagine you order a 5 course meal for your wedding. An hour into the reception, the first 2 courses of appetizers are brought out. While you found them tolerable, some people thought they were too salty. Instead of writing it off and moving on to the entree's, the cooks decide they want to redeem themselves, and so they announce that they will be remaking appetizers for everyone. In the meantime, they update the salad bar a few times. After 2 more hours, they bring out new appetizers for everyone. They're better than before to be sure, but it's now 3 hours into the reception, and no one wants to wait around any longer for their entree's or desert. You could argue "the cook's never guaranteed a delivery time for each meal. it's their choice to take their time and put out a product they're proud of", which might technically be true, but the guests still feel cheated at this point. They've paid for a 5 course meal, and after waiting for a more than reasonable amount of time they've only been served appetizers, Redux appetizers, and some salad bar updates that they didn't even care about.
  2. Yes, I was. I wasn't feeling philanthropic, looking to support some developers dream. I was browsing steam for a game to play, and The Long Dark was right there on the front page. I skimmed through the page, purchased it, and only after finishing episode 2 did I realize it wasn't even a full game. Looking back at the steam page, the fact that the game isn't complete isn't even mentioned unless you hit "Read more" and fully expand the page. I suppose i'm still stuck in the past, where people advertising a story driven game actually give you a full story in a reasonable timeframe. Honestly it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, similar to GRRM and the Winds of Winter. Will he finish the series and release the books before he dies? Probably not. Will Hinterland fulfill their commitment to my purchase before the graphics on this game are 10-15 years out of date and I have zero desire to play it anymore? Also probably not, but one can hope.
  3. I never understood this argument. You paid full price for a game, and you received 2/5ths of a game after years of waiting. Sure, they updated that 2/5th of a game a few times, but it's still only 2/5th of what we paid for and expect. It doesn't matter how many times it's remastered, expecting people to be satisfied with 2/5th of what they paid for is silly.
  4. indefinite survival is possible thanks to beachcombing. you can get the scrap, cloth, and saplings you need that way. in regards to fire, the mag lens doesn't run out. i've heard it's possible it can break in an animal attack, but i've never seen it happen. i'm actually doing a "late game challenge" at the moment, where i'm only allowed to get scrap, cloth, saplings, and meds from beachcombing. i'm also pretending that the inside of every building has been fully looted, so I can't break down wood or anything else down indoors. any items that could realistically run out late game(sewing kits, flares, flare gun, matches, cat tails, etc) i'm not using. it's tough and requires a lot of planning to make good use of mag lens opportunities, but it's definitely a viable indefinite survival strategy. if I had to guess what will eventually kill me, I would likely go with wolves. this strategy requires regular travel between coastal highway and desolation point, and while I'm careful to avoid wolf spawns, I know that eventually one will pop up around a blind corner or hill, and without the flare gun or matches to start a scare fire, he will eventually get me.
  5. Something I noticed that's very helpful for Deadman is the frequency that bears respawn. I was setting up shop at trappers in my run after forging, and it was truly a bear meat paradise. I would kill the bear, begin harvesting and cooking him, and before I could even cook all of the meat he would respawn. If you quarter him and cut/cook him in small pieces indoors, you can easily get level 5 cooking within a few days, and live comfortably on bear meat. At that point if you get bored and want to go travelling(maybe hit the summit or forge again), you can set up little outposts along the way, leaving behind water and wolf meat for the return trip.
  6. i think you've missed that different tools are better in different situations. for instance, a hacksaw is the fastest for harvesting meat if the carcass is frozen, while knife is faster if the carcass is still fresh. edit: just saw what you said about level 5 harvesting. i think that does mess things up.
  7. earthy

    Episode 3?

    it's probably going to be a long long time. in june we we told that ep3 was taking place in a new region and would come out in december. but now we're being told it's taking place only in pleasant valley and they're re-evaluating the scope. it's safe to say whatever work they had done on episode 3 for the new region was completely scrapped, and they're essentially starting from scratch. they also said that they'll be going back and redoing parts of episode 2 yet again. in all honesty, if episode 3 is released in 2019 I would be quite surprised.
  8. i like to craft until it's done. i'll cook some water outside if i need it, but cabin fever generally isn't a concern of mine. usually i do my crafting at the dam, and if cabin fever becomes an issue i'll find something protective to do outside for the night(like heading to the bottom of the ravine)
  9. It's just that falls within the realm of reason. You smash open enough cans, eventually you learn to do it without spilling any. It's a bit different than "If you cook enough meat, your body will become immune to the bacteria and parasites in raw meat". Again, I think if they clarified the statement it would be good, but I also think it's not that unreasonable to expect people to understand how it works currently.
  10. You both have good points tbh. An extra word or two would make it a lot more clear - "Never get food poisoning or parasites from cooked food", but at the same time it is Level 5 Cooking and not Level 5 Eating. It would definitely be a bit counterintuitive to think "we're so good at cooking meat that we can now eat it without cooking it".
  11. i think he's talking about which clothing slot is the outer layer. for pants and coat, the slot furthest away from your body is the "outer layer". but for hats, the slot closest to your body is the outer layer for some reason. like u said it messes with the wind protection, and also protection and waterproof bonus.
  12. as of the hotfix tonight this doesn't seem to be true anymore. just got cabin fever risk on my 55 day deadman for the first time
  13. Well that depends on what you classify as a "normal bed". Is the bear bedroll just as good as camp office, jackrabbit, misanthrope? Yep. Is the bear bedroll as good as a trailer, ryken, hibernia, trappers? Nope.
  14. I mean it's not that unreleastic. Your clothing is deflecting the wind off of you instead of allowing it to penetrate the clothing and pull it back. Think stretchy pants walking into a wind. If the material is nearly airproof, no big deal. If air is getting in, they'll puff out and the wind will have increased surface area to hit. That being said, many mechanics are far from realistic, and being adamant about this one being realistic really benefits nobody. No one is ever crawling at a snails pace because of the wind and thinking "i'm really glad that i'm incredibly slow and there's nothing i can do about it. this really adds to the immersion, and i would definitely not like the option of trading warmth for speed." And the windbreaker may be good in lower difficulties, but it's terrible in interloper. There's just no late game situation where it would hold an advantage over a bear or moose coat. With reduced clothing weight, well fed buff and moose satchel, the weight you would save is so negligible that it might as well be saved elsewhere.
  15. I would love to see Wind Protection from clothing be a more impactful mechanic. Currently Wind Protection seems to be largely ignored, with people instead opting to stack as much +Warmth as possible. If each point of wind protection reduced the degree to which wind nerfed your movement speed, I believe people would be a lot more inclined to reconsider their clothing strategy, and potentially shed a little warmth for the ability to move a little faster in the wind. For the players that put hundreds or even thousands of hours into this game, their biggest frustrations are often the snail crawl that occurs while walking into a headwind. By introducing a potential solution to that, you add more strategy and more choice to the survival experience, and also help mitigate one of the most frustrating and unrewarding mechanics. edited:typo