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  1. I think its part of the game that mother nature is claiming its fair share of your belongings. And in an emergency, you will most likely give anything away to be able to tell the story in the first place! Also, what Doc Feral said!
  2. The Steadfast Ranger update isn't that new anymore (still awesome though). Would it be possible to remove the overlay in the main menu screen with the next patch? Sincerely
  3. Also, nice idea @OP. I would like to see it ingame!
  4. What about a TLD Street fighter extension
  5. Frankly, i don't know what this topic is about. Could you elaborate on the "changes" applied to a fed wolf (i can't really see them) please. Also, this wolf seems no different than any other wolf that is being fed in TLD
  6. I would like to have longer lasting weather conditions in general (as an option in custom mode). So yeah, you might enjoy 3 days of clear sky but then the next 2 days feature heavy fog and then a blizzard starts raging for 3 days and so on. Would be kinda interesting to try out in an actual custom mode sandbox and since this option kinda exists as the "weather variability" parameter already it wouldn't even have to be done from scratch (Just adding a "very low" parameter or something similar)... And those who dislike this option won't use it anyways!
  7. First of all, welcome to the Forums @gamejunger. I like your ideas. They are small quality of life improvements that are always welcome. Definitely deserves an upvote!
  8. So here is how i experienced wolf encounters with a revolver: If you shoot to deter the wolf, you better start running away from it in the opposite direction because it is not going to be fleeing very long. Also, if it reengages another shot will not scare it away unless you hit it. If you actually hit the wolf (which is notoriously hard with any firearm) you have a good chance that it will be running away with a bleeding so eventually it will be dead. Also, it doesn't reengage if mortally wounded. If you have an aimbot on or just get plain lucky you can even critically hit a wolf (usually with a headshot) causing it to die instantly. I have ambivalent feelings about the revolver. It is good for defensive usage but it can get you killed because the wolves reengage so damn fast which leads to surprise attacks if you aren't careful. Honestly, I prefer flares to keep myself safe because wolves care much more about someone wielding a torch because it speaks a language they understand very well: "This is fire, don't come close or you will die!" That doesn't mean i don't use the revolver though. Where the revolver does come in very handy though is when hunting deer. Many times, you will not kill your prey with a single rifle shot. The revolver usually allows you to finish off the deer with very little extra material input because bullets are quite abundant in contrast to rifle cartridges.
  9. This is just wrong. You are saying you are against (entirely) customizable spawn locations because it takes away unpredictability? Well, first of all, in Furian's post you quoted he literally said that fixed spawn locations reduce unpredictability (because they are easy to remember)... So where is your point here? Also, more possible locations with the right abundance parameters can and will lead to more erratic item spawns since you cannot really customize RNG. Last but not least, it is the same old story: Nobody would ever force you to customize your game more than you want to. If you like playing with the standard difficulties, go ahead! A more customizable game would not interfere with your desires but surely would add to the experience of those who like their "own" way of playing. I already like the custom mode (the only mode i play) and any improvement would be very welcome.
  10. Your last point is kind of interesting. Let's pretend you play a game with fish spawns set to "None" or like you said you don't fish. Now you have no legitimate way of producing lantern oil. Then this concept of collecting oil from birch barks becomes much more of a thing now. Anyways, having it ingame wouldn't hurt. Personally, I'd have more pressing requests though like an improved wildlife behavior!
  11. Welcome to the forums @Josh870. Links are generally allowed, there is even an option to customize links in posts like this or to insert media (like pictures, videos etc.). Regarding your idea, i have ambivalent feelings about this. It sounds cool because in previous builds of this game birch bark was almost completely useless but now that we have birch bark tea: What good would this kind of oil do you? It is pretty neat to have this knowledge for real survival scenarios but i don't really think it adds anything to the game. But who knows, maybe i am missing some awesome detail...
  12. Hmm okay, i can see your point. Let's not further discuss this here.
  13. You realize that this is a wishlist, do you? The whole idea of this forum section is to ask for things that you want to see in the game. So, this is a very odd way of approaching a reasonable request for a simple option that really shouldn't be that hard to implement (although you never really know until you work on the code yourself, so lets not discuss that too far). I would suggest to stick to discussing the idea itself because that is what this forum is all about. Your post is basically suggesting that we should be more humble (unless i totally misunderstood you) and ask not for too many things at once. Let's leave the decision about that to Hinterland themselves.
  14. Short and simple. I was completely serious about my last part. I don't know how this could possibly be misunderstood as "ridiculing". In an english forum it should be self-explanatory to use at least readable english language and not fragmented sentences that are hard if not impossible to understand. Whether he is able or not to handle the english language unfortunately doesn't really matter because it is not shown anywhere nor pointed out by himself. But you would be right at one point: Adding a "Please" to my request. Did that. If you have further need for discussion, please let's do it via PM. Anyways, have a nice day!