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  1. Orcas on coastal highway. If one gets close to the edge they will suddenly break through the ice and drag them off into the inky darkness.
  2. Also note that they can run up hills and rocks you can't; this greatly increases the area in which you have to search. That is how I lost track of a few.
  3. Use online maps to get some general awareness of where you can go. Charcoal maps are good choice for detailed scouting. It helped me to find a lot of resources as I could see which spots I had not yet visited. But not everything is shown on the ingame map, eg a prepper shelter so make sure to check if it is indicated. Actually I am making screenshots of the maps en then stitch them together to make my own maps not a very difficult thing to do and a it adds to the fun to have a map with your own comments.
  4. I repair it when it degrades to 75% or when i need to pass some time. In reallity it never hits the 75% because of the latter. For the bow it needs to be done the moment you need to use it or put it away. So you can't choose a convenient time for this. Btw: walking around with a loaded gun is also a risk, hunters that i know usually have the gun unloaded until they spot prey. But i don't want to go that far .... you fell, sprained your wrist and shot yourself. Update: One more thought, how many bullet does one get? Assume a 100 then cleaning after every 8 shost will result in 15x unloading and loading before the gun becomes useless. So 30 additional actions during an entire game. For me that is perfectly acceptable. Ofcourse you can clean after every shot but that is the same as cooking each piece of meat on a seperate fire, making things unnecessary tedious. @ Jafo I didn't notice that option, thanks will use it next time
  5. Pasted from word .... sorry for ruining the esthetics of the forum.
  6. I don't accept the part with "Your character knows how to deal with it, so he/she does it automatically". This can be extended to a lot of other occasions for example: Putting out a fire when you walk into it, invisible borders on cliffs as normally one would not walk off them, or automatically cook raw meat when you want to eat it etc. To me the question is: How important is it to my survival? Do I need to do this every day? I don't want to have the game littered with 100s of little details that need to be taken care of before I can step outside. But I do want to experience some details with regards to surviving. I don't mind the magical water bottles, or that water doesn't freeze when stored outside at -30 C. Or that I don’t need a bathroom. I would have to deal with these multiple times every day making it annoying. But for the rifle it is an important part of my survival strategy and cleaning it is not a daily task. So in my opinion having the gun go off during cleaning if it is loaded would not make the game tedious and hence would be a nice addition. Then there is also the bow. Having a bow under tension all the time actually deteriorates its performance especially since it is a simple wooden bow. When storing a bow the string needs to be loosened. This would become tedious as I would need to unstring/string the bow several times a day.
  7. Xanthos

    Human bodies

    Then i would suggest a cremation. Would still cost some effort to gather all the wood. I assume that all the usable stuff is already looted when one searches the body.
  8. Just because you gave me an additional idea by saying: " maybe down the track do we need dollars? ". Of course I could have started a separate topic for this but i chose not to. Recognizing bank notes cannot be done mechanical so any thing for that needs power which is not present in the game world. But for coins there are mechanical options hence. (the gumball machines and that kind of simple stuff.) And to stress the point once more: I want to burn money
  9. Well what could be an option is to add a mechanical dispenser that accept coins. Those can still work without power. One can pay using coins or break it open with crowbar. Basically a moral choice without actual consequences (so 99.9% of the people will break it anyway ). For banknotes: they are not in the game at the moment (not in the list of tinder or fuel). That's why I suggest to add it so I can burn money to stay warm.
  10. Would it be possible to replace some (news) papers with bank notes and use that as tinder? Burning money to stay alive would add to the survival feeling for me.
  11. With ragards to difficulty settings i would like to have detailed options to personalize the world as is getting common in a lot of othere games. For example the wolves give me the idea that someone forgot to close the local dog-asylum. They are quite numerous and respawn quickly. I would prefer to see less of them (and longer respawn times) but more dangerous. Such that a wolf howl does make me nervous. Added to such a system could be a difficulty indicator.
  12. As a last resourt you can use a small hammer. I've got one that exactly fits a key and acts as my mechanical auto run. Also makes it easy to remember that auto run is on. Nb. this is not suitable for people who quickly lose their temper, in that case having a hammer near a computer might result in additional costs.
  13. Thanks this was indeed what i was looking for.
  14. Actually i am pretty good with maps because of my motorized hobbies. It is because of this experience that i notice that these important landmarks are missing. Now that i think of it, there should already be a compass in the game, the sun. Never paid attention to it so far. I normally navigated on the sun when touring around in my home country was quite a lot of fun to test my high-school geography knowledge. Using a map in game has already saved me numerous times form certain death. So yes maps work fine even if visibility is limited. Basic navigation is not that difficult provided you have a reasonable clue what your starting point and direction is. Also make sure that your destination is near a well defined landmark. See the 2 examples below, the moment I decide to make the detour I need the map to figure out the route with the highest probability to find the required landmarks. It happens actually quite often as I have a blizzard every 2 or 3 days. First example: blizzard so i head to the river and turn right, follow the river until it splits, follow it to the right . At the 2nd bridge climb up and enter the house where I set up. It was nearly impossibly for this one to go wrong. All these items are on the in-game map btw. Second: dense fog, need to detour because of bear track (don't want to fight with Teddy again). So 90 degrees right turn. Walk until I find a specific configuration (corpse with trees and rocks). Turn 90 degrees left walk until i hit a rural road. Follow it to the right for additional confirmation with the main road. Got that, turn 180 degrees around and walk to the farm. As said the rural road is not drawn by my character which seems very foolish/incompetent to me as it leads directly to "my house" (same for potential live saving shelters around). In some cases the bridge is drawn but not the road that goes over it. This is breaking the suspension of disbelieve a bit for me. The main issue with navigating like this is time. Finding my way via the landmarks means detours. With a feels like temperature of -70 I need to stop and warm up every now and then while the amount of wood and time before night I have is limited. But so far I did not run into the issue that I had to camp outside for the night I have always managed to find my way home. Therefore I don't know what happens if fatigue stays at 0 for a very long time. The sole purpose of a map is provide a graphical layout of how things are oriented. This is by definition usable for navigation. Actually you say yourself that you use it for navigation by marking places on the map so you know what to find where. If you look at the map to see where to find those saplings you are implicitly using the map to navigate. Claiming that a map is not intended for navigation is a disclaimer a lawyer would use. And yes I have the maps of Winterberry but they are actually so good and detailed with all the loot locations that it takes away the fun of exploring. I would prefer to explore a detailed map like that myself and only have something with a more global overview at the beginning just to give me an idea of what is roughly there. For experienced players it would not matter that much as their map knowledge will be a lot more detailed than what the global map showing. And it would not be that strange. I have bought maps from petrol stations (are in game) and I got a number from information centers (are also in game).
  15. I'm a new player so I don't know my way around yet. With a feel temperature of -70 in the late afternoon there is little time to find shelter during the blizzard. And putting down a fire means spending the night there. That will require wood in order to survive. And as said there are occasions you will have to divert or face Winny the Pooh. (currently living in pleasant valley) You inspired me here and i tried again to use the in game map for navigation. It was a failure as the map does not show a number of very important landmarks as: rural roads, drive ways, sheds, tree formations etc. I did manage to survive but that had nothing to do with using the map to navigate. Actually in some places it is like the comic below (i don't think translation is needed): Lost on the arctic The in game map really needs to be improved. My character is creating the map in order to navigate and survive, missing out on a large number of obvious landmarks is a bit silly.