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  1. ingrobny


    What kind of question is that? Of course i do, but those game is not survival games where death is the only way out.
  2. No it's not canceled, but since some player was disappionted with how Hinterland made the storymode, they want to change the storymode and that will take time, i for one was happy about the storymode as it was, but now we all have to wait for episode 3 .
  3. ingrobny


    Of course i would be both mad at myself and sad, like i was when i failed Elusive Targets in Hitman 2016, but permadeath is what makes TLD interesting and the feeling about death hanging over my head is what makes TLD a thriller, i can say you so much, if permadeath is removed from survival mode, i will stop playing it, because what's the point of the survival mode when it isn't any consequences?
  4. ingrobny


    No, it is about survival and see how long you can survive in one playthrough and without permadeath, there wouldn't be a reason for trying to survive, because you can just reload a safe and continue as nothing ever happend. I took backup for a while as well, but it made TLD boring, because i knew if i died i could load a save from the USB, so i deleted the backup and the long dark was not boring anymore, i don't want to die, because i have survived 340 something days and i'm aiming for the 500 day survived trophy, but it's more scary and terrifying now and i want to have it this way.
  5. It is a quest item, so you need to get that quest from Grey Mother first, do other quests for her and sooner than later you will get the quest where you need that key .
  6. I have a base in all locations, when i first moved from ML which was my starting point, i only brought with me some water, food, bed roll, axe, knife, crowbar, 5 cloth, 6 pain killers, 2 bandage, 50 (cl?) antiseptic, sewing kit and that was it i think, you will find all these things when you move on and more, depend on which level you are playing on, i'm playing on voager difficulty. So when i came to costal highway and i stayed there for a while, i went back to ML to pick up some pelt to repair my clothing, so now when i have been everywhere, i usally travel randomly to the other locations, because now i have cured pelt everywhere and can repair my clothing in all locations, i even need to climp up the mountain again, i left everything i found up there behind .
  7. ingrobny


    If you aim for a 200 day survival, you should not go and jump out of cliffs, to see if you die or not. With permadeath 200 days of survival is hard and it should be, if you could load a save and continue, what is the fun in that? I have died 3 times on voager, first time after 80 days i think and with every death i learned what to not do, i have almost died 2-3 times after that, but now i have survived for 340 some days. And when you are about to start a new survival mode, the game tells you that the only way out is dead or something like that, so from that i knew it wasn't any load of a save if i died, die and the game is over.
  8. That's very true, i wanted a second wool underwear since i started the survival mode, but i spent so much time in ML, so when i finally was on the top of TWM and found 3 of them, all 3 was ruined, so i was so disapointed that i tried to jump down the mountain to die, but i survived with very little life left and walked slowly down rest of the mountain, i walked with my head down and sad, with only one wool underwear to my cabin... But i have to climb up again at some point, because i didn't take with me anyting of all the good stuff i found up there .
  9. Happy hollidays to you too and to all moderators on this forum .
  10. If you try to map everthing like i do, you will see that many things will not show up when you try to draw it into the map, i don't remember if i have the church on my map though, but it is a problem Hinterland should look into.
  11. Happy holidays to you too Hinterland ! I'm really happy i found this gem of a game on Playstation Store when i was bored with the games i had and was looking for something different and i had never played a survival game before, but i watched som playthrough videos of TLD on YouTube and i liked what i saw and TLD was even better when i played it myself , what a pleasant surprise the TLD have been and the support you guys at Hinterland is giving us customers is top notch. So again happy holidays to all of you at Hinterland .
  12. I think i can answer myself on if i should start a new game and not, you might not have two wool underwear, but you just found a second cowichan sweater in Milton and it's not sure you will find a second one i a new playthrough, so maybe use what you got now and see if you can survive for 500 days, only 170 something days left .
  13. Hahaha,oops, sorry about the spoiler, can we blur out or hide spoilers? So i don't do this again .
  14. I'm on my way from Timberwolf Mountain to vist Milton for the first time in survival mode and when i came to Mystery Lake and the Camp Office i discovered a pleasant surprise, it is now powerlines and lights all the way to the office, from the tunnel and from the Dam on the side of the railroad track, with 2 huge spotlights on the ground, outside the office , that's cool!.