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  1. Not sure where this should go and I guess is more of a request versus a bug. So why do devs. allow loot spawns in areas player can't currently access? Since bullet crafting batteries in vehicles now have uses. However I know of at least 3 batteries that you can't pick up. Truck in maintenance shed in BR and trucks with crashed hoods in MT in the basin and in PV between Thompsons and barn on road. I don't recall why but i was crouching near the truck and saw the battery tried getting the interact dot came up but no text. So either let us prybar in or remove broken vehicles from possible battery spawns same for BR truck. If i can get to work i'll add in pics later.
  2. On 1.74 had sticks fall through ground when breaking down planks ar FM forge on to ticket but fyi still be careful.
  3. It isn't a bug it is a game mechanic that he is complaining about. I agree it is a stupid one but I have just learned to live with over time as playing on the Xbox after I discovered how it works. On the Xbox if you only have matches the default way of lighting your torch is to equip the torch and hold the right trigger. If you have matches and a firestricker the game lets you choose which to use, however after selecting the lighting source you then have to hold the a button and I am assuming the x button on ps4 to light the torch. If you don't hold the correct button you only get a little bit of the circle to fill and waste a match or some of the firestricker. Then you have do the same process over again wasting the first match. I wasted resources learning this because I wanted to select the lighting source and then hold the right trigger to light the torch. Where I can agree and sympathize with OP, I think it is better to be given the choose than have the game pick for you. It is just the implementation of the mechanic isn't explained well after the game teaches you a certain way of doing something. Unless I am completely wrong from what the OP is taking about.
  4. I haven't been able to find any information on this so hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Sometimes when hunting with the bow and arrow I register a hit, I see the blood graphic/animation indicating the shoot connects and I receive a skill increase. The problem is that the shoot does no damage to the animal I hit it only cause the animal to cry out and flee. When I try to track the animal I usually loose them because they are not leaving behind a blood trail. Do I just still really suck at bow hunting? Is this a bug or glitch? Has anyone else experienced this? Have I missed this in the forum somewhere? For context this is on the Xbox One and occurring in both my pilgram and voyager plays. The arrows either bounce out and have taken damage, or stay stuck in the animal still with no blood trail. Once a deer turned and ran at me and I saw the arrow sticking out of him but couldn't click on it before he flew by me. I have even tried to keep up with a wolf with an emergency stim and still get out ran. Thanks in advance.