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    Not good enough.
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    Hello guys. A few years ago i used an autohotkey script for fighting wolves. I can´t find it anymore. Does anybody has it please? Thanks.
  3. I have more info. I disovered more. There are 2 locations linked between them. When i put some items in one of them, they disspaear and appear in the other. From a Trailer to Carter. Everytime i pass this door my stuff is on the floor. I loot all and if i go back through the same door, every time the things appears again. It´s an endless loop.
  4. Hello. I´m from Argentina, i don´t know the names of all the locations in english. But i had a lot of items in the trailers outside the Carter Hydro Dam. When i entered there, the place was like new, with things to loot and nothing touched. But my items that were in the lockers were gone. Something strange was that, when i entered to Carter from the Winding River, i found in the floor, just after i traspassed the big steel door, a lot of items. Kgs of coal, wood, cloths, flares .... Maybe that was a part of my stuff, but just a part because i had a lot. Please, can this be fixed? I have a previous save file, before the disaster, a simple ep1sandbox1 file. If i put this file into de save directory, may this cause problems?
  5. Hello guys. Today i went back to one of my bases, one in ML. When i arrived all my things were gone. ALL my 150 day progress is gone. I realized when i was arriving from PV through the Carter Hydro Dam that a lot of items were bugged. But i couldn´t imagine that all my stuff have gone. I was recording to my channel. Please, give me a solution. I don´t want to play it again never again. Thanks!
  6. Hello survivors. I need, for recording reasons, to hide the hud (not only with TAB) and to hide the breath of the character. How can i do this?
  7. Helo guys. I need to know, if i buy the Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One, can i download it to my phone, or hear it in my PC without Steam? This Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One is like a normal album that i can download? Thanks.
  8. Hello people. I´d love to do cinematics of the game. How can i do them? Which software? Example here:
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    The screens? It just happened. I was walking to fish and they "attack" me xD
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    I can almost reach them with my hand ...
  11. I´m ansking you this because if i understood correctly, i can click this button (macro) and it´s like i click one button hundreds of times? Am i right? If i am right this will help me when wolves attacks me and i have to click the left mouse button very very quick and even doing that the wolf usually wins. Am i correct about setting a macro and when clicking it it´s like i click the left mouse button hundreds of quick times?
  12. Excellent job! How can i set up a macro too?
  13. Are there detailed and updated maps of each area? Thanks!
  14. I love to be alone in the wild ... everyday.
  15. Hello people. I don´t have any money to buy it. But i´d love to have it not only for my gameplays, but for me, for listening. Is there any place to download it with small donations or free? In Steam, if you buy it, can you download it and pass it to the cell phone for example? Or it´s restricted to use ir on Steam?
  16. One more question: with the current issue of the roll back, if i start all over again, am i in risk when the new version arrives that this new save can´t be use ?
  17. Is this the corrupt file? I already wrote to the support but nobody answer and i´m recording for my channel, i can´t wait all this time. Is this the corrupt save? Can you fix it? user001.cfg