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    Hello guys. A few years ago i used an autohotkey script for fighting wolves. I can´t find it anymore. Does anybody has it please? Thanks.
  2. I have more info. I disovered more. There are 2 locations linked between them. When i put some items in one of them, they disspaear and appear in the other. From a Trailer to Carter. Everytime i pass this door my stuff is on the floor. I loot all and if i go back through the same door, every time the things appears again. It´s an endless loop.
  3. Hello. I´m from Argentina, i don´t know the names of all the locations in english. But i had a lot of items in the trailers outside the Carter Hydro Dam. When i entered there, the place was like new, with things to loot and nothing touched. But my items that were in the lockers were gone. Something strange was that, when i entered to Carter from the Winding River, i found in the floor, just after i traspassed the big steel door, a lot of items. Kgs of coal, wood, cloths, flares .... Maybe that was a part of my stuff, but just a part because i had a lot. Please, can this be fixe
  4. Hello guys. Today i went back to one of my bases, one in ML. When i arrived all my things were gone. ALL my 150 day progress is gone. I realized when i was arriving from PV through the Carter Hydro Dam that a lot of items were bugged. But i couldn´t imagine that all my stuff have gone. I was recording to my channel. Please, give me a solution. I don´t want to play it again never again. Thanks!
  5. Hello survivors. I need, for recording reasons, to hide the hud (not only with TAB) and to hide the breath of the character. How can i do this?
  6. Helo guys. I need to know, if i buy the Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One, can i download it to my phone, or hear it in my PC without Steam? This Music for The Long Dark -- Volume One is like a normal album that i can download? Thanks.
  7. Hello people. I´d love to do cinematics of the game. How can i do them? Which software? Example here:
  8. 4djes


    The screens? It just happened. I was walking to fish and they "attack" me xD
  9. 4djes


    I can almost reach them with my hand ...