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  1. "The animal we call 'MEDVED' (bear) wasn't always called that - we know it had a different name, but that name has been forever lost. Our ancestors were so scared of bears that they wouldn't dare utter that name. Instead, they started calling it 'MED VYJED' (Honey eater), which later morphed into the current word. Such is the power of fear in humans." (Czech linguistic discovery)
  2. Hi, One thing I would recommend immediately though is to switch the format. I think overwhelming majority of players play in 16:9 ratio (Full HD etc.), and watching a 4:3 will feel unnatural. Plus, that format will reduce the potential 'epicness' of the scenery. In fact, Ultra Wide might be even better, but at the very least, 16:9 is needed. It's hard to judge this project based on these 2 minutes, since, honestly, "nothing happens" in it. I think that if you'd pitch a series using this clip to a movie studio, they'd reject it based on 'nothing happens' complaint.
  3. Where I live, it's usually written as "A (project) manager is a person who thinks that nine women will deliver a baby in 1 month." To which someone later added "A senior project manager is smart enough to plan 2 months for it." (Of course, both of them are wrong.)
  4. How does a typical game development day look like in Hinterland Studio? I understand the answer differs from person to person or from position to position, so would be great to get a little glimpse for multiple areas ("Day in the life of environmental artist", "Day in the life of programmer" etc.) I loved the recent documentary with Raphael, I really hope you guys will release some Behind the scenes documentary once Season 1 is done - this must have been an epic journey for the studio!
  5. I have a request for clarification - perhaps someone may help me understand. There is one sentence in Raphael's answers that I don't comprehend (underlined part is confusing): One way I see that it might have been intended is "... what a gamer might look for IN AN EXPERIENCE". Is that correct?
  6. 1. Would it be possible to add a "harvest" action to Cured Deer Hide that would turn it into two Cured Leather pieces? Long-term, we are basically swimming in Deer hides, but we can't use them to fix non-deer articles, such as Mukluks or Leather gloves. 2. Could we get a "dismantle" option on burned out campfires that would remove the campfire?
  7. Hi, I'm curious about the location names in the game. Names such as "Katie's Secluded Corner" or "Max's Last Stand" seem oddly specific, indicating that they are unofficial names given by someone who witnessed some event (or perhaps hypothesize both the names and events of the corpses nearby). Other places have official-sounding names ("Hibernia Processing" etc.). How is it?
  8. I have a technical question regarding the organization of Milton Mailbag: I've posted a question in August: ... and it still hasn't been answered. Is there some "First come first served" system, so that earlier questions get answered first, or are only questions posted since last dispatch selected, or simply: How would I know if my question remains un-answered because it is being ignored, because it was rejected, or because it's still in the queue?
  9. I'm glad Raphael brought up the topic of the community's harsh reaction to the "countdown to a countdown" thing. I wish more players would read that. It's quite chilling that "we the gamers" can so recklessly throw around insults and threats towards other human beings. Take care, people...
  10. The one thing that disappointed me about the original Episodes 1 and 2 was the (almost complete) lack of moral choices. In Episode 1, I didn't see any meaningful choice - at one point, The Grey Mother presented me with 2 options how to find food, one being hunting and the other being ransacking the abandoned Gas Station, but that station is abandoned and looting it does not really affect anyone. In Episode 2, there was the one moment with the Forest Talker bag, which resulted in death if returned without ammo, but that's it. The game was initially presented as a game of meaningful choices
  11. In real life, trying to chew off raw mammalian meat is really difficult, the taste is disgusting, and most people would immediately recognize what they are doing and stop. On the other hand, fish can be eaten raw, after removing the outer layer. In The Long Dark, we cannot eat raw fish, but the game allows us all too easily to eat raw mammalian meat. Could this be swapped? As it is right now, the raw meat is just a trap for players, that usually results in food poisoning.
  12. Hello, could someone from Hinterland fix the numerous mistakes in the captions (dialogues) of the Lake Gunshots quest? The screenshot shows one particular instance with many mistakes, but the previous moment features "I'm not leetting you in". For the screenshot, these fixes are recommended: "We've" only one of "discovered" and "uncovered" "... in the Dam [fullstop]. Might have some ..." "relevance" "to what[apostrophe]s" "We were going to take them to ..."