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  1. I do not know how in x-box, but on ps4 it works. confirmation here -
  2. I confirm - i load my old save and one mapping action (note: the Stone Church was already marked in my old save) p.s. PS4
  3. that's funny. Hinterland still has not made a patch for console versions of the game (the game is extremely unstable for ps4), but plans to release a disc-based copies of The Long Dark for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
  4. I'm sure that if the patch was released only for console versions of the game, you would have written this "gobsmackingly obtuse post". Instead: "Thanks for the update".
  5. In other words, you did not even begin to make a patch for console versions of the game, did I understand you correctly? This is "wonderful" news Patrick, now I know that in the next six months (or more) I will be engaged in other things, and not play your "wonderful" game. I always dreamed of buying an expensive console version, and get the most unstable version of the game. Add to this, and the pleasure of such technical support, when some will play the game, and others will look out the window (for example).
  6. when will the patch be available for console versions of the game?
  7. the important question is: why write to tech support when you receive daily reports from the ps4 players directly from the system? most importantly - they come with dumps of error. if you look at the game on ps4, you get the impression that this version of the game was not tested at all. since playing the game only 3-4 hours (on ps4) you are guaranteed to see this error. p.s. error code CE-34878-0 (application error)
  8. this problem has not been solved so far (even with the latest update) although the release took place six months ago. the version of the game for PS4 is extremely unstable (especially in moments of autosave). sent a huge number of reports from the system ps4, asked a question on the forum, the result - no recommendations, no corrections from the developers. the usual approach is to get money from the consumer and not engage in support. thank you @Patrick Carlson and team hinterland
  9. And as a reminder @Patrick Carlson, the game was released (on PS4) on August 8, and today is February 8 , remind your team about it (maybe they forgot). Thank you
  10. The stone church will be marked on the map provided that you start a new game. You can check it very quickly - start a new game, select the minimum complexity and select the region of "desolation point" as the initial location.