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  1. Im using the one that came with this monitor, and this is the only game that was causing any issues like i said, all good now
  2. On my own, i use benq xl2411 144hz its 1080p DVI since i want 144hz i was trying to run in 1080p
  3. I fixed it, tried every single resolution and only 1280x1024 wont crash, thanks guys
  4. Downclocked a good amount and still the same issue xd, i have no idea what is wrong with this game
  5. Once i saw what he wrote i had an idea he has no idea about this haha
  6. You seem to have no idea what you are talking about
  7. All good, thank you for trying to help me i appreciate it
  8. Done they stress tested it no issues Done they stress tested it no issues
  9. Im 120% sure its not hardware, only thing left is to stress test my PSU, ill leave it to the guys from where i bought it from
  10. CPU Vcore 1200v and DRAM Voltage 1.368V and thats all by default on auto
  11. I dont own one and i think i know how to check, just by going in BIOS i believe?