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  1. Yeah it's not necessarily running out of time because, as I mentioned in OP, it doesn't appear to matter how long I take. I can putz around for 15m or run straight to the elevator after flipping the switch.... and it's just getting near the elevator that triggers it off. Perhaps the game is checking if I have -enough- Aurora left before it proceeds?...I dunno, back to the bunker I guess. But I really don't want to spend MORE time using up resources only to discover I'm still bugged and can't proceed.
  2. Episode 2: Renewed Hope Ok, so after waiting a week for an Aurora I finally made my way into Carter Dam. I opened the control room and flipped the power switch. When I head toward the elevator, all goes dark and guy says "I'm gonna be stuck here a while, better see what I can use." Elevator won't open, but it does make a crackle sound when I hit the button. At first I thought maybe I was just running out of time on the Aurora power, but after several reloads it is apparent that it doesnt matter how long I take to get there... just walking near the elevator triggers the Aurora off for some reason. Am I missing something? I did lose the flashlight at some point, is that needed to progress?