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  1. triko

    Traduzione italiana

    Scusa ma ho letto il Thread e non vedo nessuna guida se non una lista di update di Giugno!
  2. Presente e disponibile per la traduzione del gioco! Trodotto nelle lingue piu' promiscue tranne l'italiano..... un po' deluso!
  3. I know that I fault saving the game, but anyway this is a problem I think, unless I'll get an answer directly from a game designer and he will tell me that the "jail" was made on purpose and only now I restart my game! Not fair....
  4. Hey thanks for reply but I'm not injured myself, I just fall into and nothing... after few attempts to escape I place bedroll wioth hope that I can woke up out of this fence but no! Anyway this is a bug, there is no way that a player fall from 30 cm and the whole game screwed up!
  5. No no no... No way! Check the video so none of you can be screwed like me.... I hope that programmers solve this problem because Im not playing the game until they solve. This problem maybe took 4 or 5 minutes to be solved! Please programmers block this access to all dumb explorers like me, so they cannot stuck into a nightmare
  6. Im playing challenge "30 days before blizzard". I tried to reload but I respawned there! I can move around, One step at maximum! If it helps I can link a youtube video here so you can understand
  7. It's seems like mine situation.... I hope that team answer to you and reply to me!
  8. Hello, Im new and I have found a big environmental problem! -Im using Win 10 -I was walking through Carter Hydro Dam when fallen between two tanks and a fence and now I'm complete stuck here and cannot move on! Like I am in the jail -I attached a screen so you are able to find the spot -I got coordinates: Dam (-24.6; -1.7; -37.1) Please help me because I dont want to restart the challenge! Thanks