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    Crazy Wolves

    TL;DR: Wolves should act more like Wolves and less like death machines from hell. I love this game. I have stayed away from survival Games in the past due to their cheasy environments (zombies and islands with dinosaurs) however this game keeps itself grounded in what's realistic and believable and I love that. The only thing I don't love is the wolf AI. Look, don't get me wrong, I like a challenge. I'm all for week long blizzards and little to no food anywhere, however the wolves in this game are just downright crazy. I dread encounters with these things, not because they are all very lethal and can kill you with ease, but because they will spot you from 3.5 km away and hunt you down to the ends of God's green earth just because you exist. This IMO kills the immersion and overall flow of the game. In stead of sneaking past a wolf or trying to shoot and kill it, I often find myself walking around entire Montana just to avoid them. I think they should be tweaked to display a more natural behavior, some suggestions I have are: 1. FIGHT OR FLIGHT: Right now, all wolves are gonna try and kill you if you are spotted by them. I think a mechanic where some wolves attack and some don't would make for an overall more realistic experience. Some factors that could influence the fight or flight could be proximity to food (wolves being more likely to attack if you're standing next to a dead deer) nber of wolves (1-2 may run while 3-4 will attack as a pack) as well as player actions suck as killing other wolves or injuring a wolf (they should be less likely to attack if you just killed 3 of their friends). Time of day should also play a part, with wolves being more docile during a the day and actively hunt at night. As well as of course the smell factor the game currently has. 2. SPEED: Wolves should be fast when they rush you, however, once you put a bullet or arrow in them, they should slow down. A lot. To have the wolf continue running dispute bleeding and having a large hole in its body makes no sense. 3. AWARENESS: Wolves should fear you more then anything. In reality, wolves avoid people at all costs, and while I understand this is a game, there still should be a degree of realism. Fireing a rifle or flare gun should send all the wolves in the area running as far away from you as possible rather than bidding behind a hill to jump you when you pass. I understand that the developers want to make the game hard and punishing, however I believe that a degree of realism when it comes to animal behaviour should still play a part. Feel free to give me suggestions or reasons that this is a terrible idea. Thanks!