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  1. Seems like GoG is back to its usual long delay in publishing new TLD releases. @Admin can you please confirm that you already sent v1.72 to GoG?
  2. Alright... my mesa-19.3 issue is already known to mesa upstream: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/issues/2179
  3. And GoG is already providing v1.69 as well. These are wonderful times
  4. Perhaps this post doesn't really fit in here but I didn't want to create a new topic for this. I have some issues with TLD (GoG version) on my two Gentoo Systems since at least v1.62 of the game. On my Notebook (with radeon kernel driver) I cannot start the game with mesa-19.3.0_rc1 or newer. On startup I get a floating point exception and the game stops to run immediately. Going down to mesa-19.2.x "fixes" the issue and I can successfully start the game. This doesn't happen on my Desktop machine with amdgpu kernel driver where I run mesa-19.3 successfully since the first release candidates. On my Desktop (with amdgpu kernel driver) while playing the game I get lots of screen artefacts and minor screen corruptions. I first thought this was mesa-19.3 related but going down to mesa-19.2 didn't fix the issue. Most artefacts can be seen at the player's right hand when holding the rifle or being spread over the whole screen when aiming with the rifle. I didn't check the bow yet though. Here are my current specs: Hardware Desktop: GPU: Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285] CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6328 Hardware Notebook: GPU: AMD FirePro M6100 CPU: Intel Core i7-3740QM OS: Gentoo Linux (~amd64) kernel-5.4.3 (CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU=y and CONFIG_DRM_AMD_DC=y on Desktop) / (CONFIG_DRM_RADEON=y on Notebook) xorg-server-1.20.6 xf86-video-amdgpu-19.1.0 (Desktop) / xf86-video-ati-19.1.0 (Notebook) mesa-19.3.0 (Desktop) / mesa-19.2.7 (Notebook) llvm-9.0.1_rc3 (Desktop) / llvm-9.0.0 (Notebook) libdrm-2.4.100 vulkan-loader-1.1.125 Game version: v1.67 right now but happened at least since v1.62
  5. Perhaps it's the Christmas spirit that made them (GoG) being extra quick. I am downloading the Linux release of v1.67 from GoG right now. I am again very pleasantly surprised. Cheers!
  6. The Linux variant of v1.64 is available on GoG since yesterday. I was quite baffled as this was the shortest waiting period I ever had to wait for a TLD update on GoG. Let's hope they are as quick with the v1.67 update...
  7. As promised in the v1.62 announcement thread here are my current specs. Hardware: GPU: Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285] CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 6328 OS: Gentoo Linux (~amd64) kernel-4.19.83 (CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU=y and CONFIG_DRM_AMD_DC=y) xorg-server-1.20.5 xf86-video-amdgpu-19.1.0 mesa-19.3.0_rc2 llvm-9.0.0 libdrm-2.4.100 vulkan-loader-1.1.125 Vulkan libs are installed but last I checked the game was very sluggish using Vulkan. I too have that annoying flickering which seems to be gone when using Vulkan. I play the native Linux TLD versions from GoG.
  8. I will answer your questions in the corresponding thread.
  9. v1.62 (for Linux, didn't check Windows binaries) is finally available on GoG. Thanks Hinterland
  10. Yes, I posted in that very same thread about this as well and even commented on that post you referred to. Still, I would like to know from Hinterland if they already sent some newer release than v1.56 to GoG yet. This just makes waiting a bit easier for me.
  11. I know that GoG takes a ridiculous long amount of time to make TLD updates available, but I'd like to know from Hinterland if they even sent this update to GoG because in the past they skipped sending a few updates. AFAIK, their Galaxy client is Windows-only, so this is not really an option for me.
  12. So can we expect this release to appear on GoG as well?
  13. What about GoG users? Will we get this build or do you plan to wait for possible bugfix releases to publish on GoG?
  14. Alright, got the command line switch working, and WOW, that's some kind of difference in the graphics... very beautiful. But... with forced vulkan support the mouse movement is very sluggish. So sluggish that it's a PITA to play the game...