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  1. Alright, got the command line switch working, and WOW, that's some kind of difference in the graphics... very beautiful. But... with forced vulkan support the mouse movement is very sluggish. So sluggish that it's a PITA to play the game...
  2. I can only recommend giving a recent AMD GPU a try. The amdgpu drivers are really good nowadays and with recent mesa (19.0.x or 19.1.x) the game works like a charm. Although I don't know if I fully understood what you guys mean with "Z-fighting", I sometimes have quite annoying flickering with amdgpu as well in TLD especially on distant rocks and trees. But since I use the GoG version of the game, I haven't found out yet how to submit command-line options like "-force-vulkan" to the game as I use the startup script that gets shipped with the GoG version of the game.
  3. It's not the first time GoG needed more than a week to publish a TLD update. And Hinterland has more than once confirmed that they sent updates to GoG the same day they pushed those updates to Steam. Unfortunately - unlike with Hinterland - communication with GoG is very cumbersome and AFAIK they never really told why they always delay publication of TLD updates for so long.
  4. Alright, v1.55 for Linux is now available at GoG.
  5. No wonder you guys stopped selling the game through GoG
  6. Thank you for telling us that. Otherwise I'd have looked for the updates in GoG on an hourly basis which would have raised lots of frustration till now :)
  7. Seems like you guys need to work on the placement of the new items a bit. I found this in a Prepper Cache near the Camp Office in Mystery Lake: I mean floating ammo is kinda cool but still not that realistic 🤣
  8. The Linux version of v1.50 is now available on GoG. Windows is still at v1.48 though...
  9. Thank you for making that clear. I usually have no issues with waiting a couple of days for the GoG update but waiting 8+ days is a bit much IMHO.
  10. I have no doubt about that. But like Hawk said, it usually takes them a ridiculous amount of time to release the updates.
  11. GoG has the update since yesterday. But reading through all the comments here, I am tempted to wait for the sprain/aiming hotfixes.