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  1. v1.95 available on GoG. Thank you Hinterland 🙂
  2. Since yesterday, GoG finally provides v1.93 for Linux users.
  3. Not for Linux (again) unfortunately. Oh how I despise GoG these days... 😞
  4. For the record, latest Linux version at GoG is still v1.86 😞
  5. The Linux version at GoG is still v1.86. I'm so pissed right now. I know Hinterland is not to blame but I have to vent off some steam somewhere. GoG even ignores the ticket I have filed. I wish there was some other service (not Steam!) where I can buy TLD for Linux PC from... I would buy it a third time just for more regular more reliable updates.
  6. I've already filed a gog support ticket regarding the missing updates on November 30th. No reply received yet.
  7. Wow... the same day Hinterland publishes v1.82, GoG finally managed to provide v1.81 on their download servers (not their Galaxy client!) @Hinterland: Thank you for your constant bug fixing. This is highly appreciated
  8. This is a screenshot which I took just before I did this reply: Same for Windows and Mac.
  9. Just for the record, I do not blame Hinterland for the GoG delays nor do I want to complain here. I just want to leave that information so that Hinterland knows about this. What I find most disturbing is the difference in delays with GoG releases. Sometimes (like around last christmas) TLD updates appeared nearly immediately on GoG while others (like this one or the v1.78 update) seem to never land on GoG's download servers. So it seems there is not even a pattern when to expect an update on GoG. It seems like they do some dice roll and when the correct number appears they put the updates on t
  10. Still not available on GoG for any provided platform.
  11. GoG now provides v1.80 for Windows users. But Linux and Mac are still behind (Linux on v.179, Mac on v1.77).