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  1. I like the idea of having them based on your mending skill, maybe at level 1 mending you can still make them but they take a longer time to make and the stats are really low but as you level up in mending the stats get better.
  2. This happened to me as soon as 1.34 came out I tried to load my survival game and before it even loaded in it crashed. When I rebooted all my feats and challenges had reset. The problem was my Profile got corrupted somehow luckily with ps+ I have cloud saves so I just went into the upload/Download saved data and downloaded my backup profile save and that fixed the issue.
  3. Was thinking with the new cooking system it would be cool to get an extra cooking spot when you reach level 5 fire mastery.
  4. Have you raised Jeremiah's trust up, he does teach you how to make Deer clothing(pants and boots) however if you have beaten the bear and at chapter 5 you are basically done with the chapter and could just complete it without shoes.
  5. Hooray! I want to thank the Hinterland team and community for providing the checklist and online maps cause without them I would of never been able to figure out where to map all the different locations.
  6. like the title says it would be cool if mapping could be a skill you could level up. you could gain points by mapping locations on the map. As for the skills I was thinking it could affect how far you could map, maybe give a small chance to not use charcoal when you map, and the highest level could give you an in game compass or be able to map even during the night.
  7. again #7 is not the story related key, you found that somewhere else, If I remember correctly the #7 key was in a house under a bed in Milton, you need to head to the farm and check the vase on the fireplace for the #15 key.
  8. You found an optional safety deposit key(4 in total) the one you need to find is #15 which you'll find at the farm.
  9. be nice if you mapped all the known locations your map would have like a star icon to tell you that hey you're done with this area you can go map the next one now.
  10. ok this just happened to me, I went to sleep and woke up and before the game saved the game crashed. When I rebooted the game I got the data corrupted error. so going into Ps4 settings to look at system storage the file that got corrupted was my profile deleting this fixed the problem, but this meant I lost all my feats and challenges. The only saving grace for me I have ps plus and had online backup for my profile, I still lost quite of bit of feats since I hadn't uploaded my profile save in quite awhile but I was able to at least recover all my challenges.
  11. I'm going have to start at episode 1 the only save i have is one where flare cache was working but Alan's cave cache still bugged with it. I did some test runs in a fresh run of episode 2 and was able to get both caches at least. Time for a new run, hopefully i remember all the Milton cache locations.
  12. I almost got fried exploring the dam at night, i was about three steps away from wires when BAM Aurora, gave me quite the scare.
  13. @Thrasador yeah sorry if my post wasn't very clear, it's hard to put into words what the problem is but basically no matter what you do you're going only have 6/7(I think there are 7 mystery lake caches) either you're going miss the flare cache or the Alan's cache, I did submit it to the bug report so hopefully I wrote it good enough that they know what the problem is and can fix it.
  14. I just did a fresh run of episode 2 to test something. If you don't pick up the note in the dam for the Alan's cave hidden cache and then go get Jeremiah's trust to 50 you get the flare quest to show up correctly, but after that if you go get the note in the dam for the Alan's cave hidden cache it won't show up. So again i did this again and got the note first, which made the Alan's cave hidden cache show up, went back to Jeremiah got him 50 trust and no flare cache quest. So somehow these two caches are breaking each other. (Tested on ps4 v.1.12)
  15. I had a very old save that had the flare cache quest working so i thought hey i'll just play this go get all the notes and see if i get trophy. Well i ran into a new problem, i went to the dam to get the note for the Alan's cave hidden cache, picked it up, and didn't get the mission, i even reloaded and read note first then picked it up and still no quest.