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  1. I think you are missing the biggest clue of all! Wintermute! The secret message! What does it mean? To me it sounds like J is passing something on that will activate/deactivate this whole event! Theories on Wintermute? Or does it just imply what happens if you walk through the frozen Forrest spraining your ankles and wrists and what you become once you're hooked on painkillers and rose hips!
  2. Funny! I am in the same boat! I am at ML and need to get to a forge for more arrowheads and to explore Muskeg for matches/striker. It's so cold in ML I can't imagine what the temp will be in FM! I almost would prefer to go all the way to DP just because I know it so much better! Muskeg is such a variable! I have decided once I make my wolf coat (2 days) I am going to hit the forge at FM. It's just so much closer and the benefits of not having hit it up yet for loot is worth it. It is a mighty long way to DP from ML! A lot can go wrong in that distance in Interloper!
  3. Maybe I missed it but has anyone made the connection? This is the coolest! How many of us want our own video games! SO GREAT! Love this game......... PS. please fix the Hank's cache for xbox one.... still not working! Love Hinterland! Genius!
  4. So that was a PITA!!!! I finally finished the hunt! I was stuck again between 4 and 5. Again it took 5 or 6 days to find the bear. I waited and searched and did the trappers thing again restarted the game.... nothing! I was headed to Forlorn as per the latest suggestion and just as I pass the camp office headed down the tracks the bear comes running from the deadfall area. So this time I figure I am going to take my lumps straight up. So I head over to logging camp area and I see the bear I'm coming down out of the rocks got a save and took a shot.... Bear charged and then disappeared... calling it the ghost bear!!! Immediately quit out and then restarted my approach, came up via the road, no rocks, shot at close range, got mauled, registered shot 5! No sneaking up just took my medicine! Patched up and then walked down to clearing for the final shot! Finally done! My suggestion? Don't try to take long range shots, either get a good close shot or get mauled, then you won't have to wait for the crazy bear to go on a 5-10 day run until he finally wants to show up! Moving on!
  5. In Stalker I love TWM mountaineers hut. Love that the bear re-spawns, lots of wolves, deer, rabbit, even fish..... In stalker it's not too cold. Interloper on the other hand is completely different! I like fishing huts in CH and Jack Rabbit Island... really safe! I am now in ML Camp office on day 80 and have three wolf pelts cured one to go and then on goes the best coat in the game... about 4 times warmer than my current double ski jacket set up! ML is tricky you can run out of food and wood, you have to mix it up on interloper... fish, wolf, rabbit. Camp Office is a pretty good base because there is plenty of wood in lakeside buildings that you can break down without freezing to death.... haven't harvested a log or branch in ages, too damn cold!
  6. One thing you can say whether you love the game or not... Hinterland makes it beautifully! True artists!
  7. There is kind of this thing that you described but it is not gory at all..... I had this happen in Stalker many times..... I have hunted wolves with the bow and arrow and if you hit the wolf and then the knife fight ensues sometime the wolf will drop dead within a few knife hits as he was hit to begin with. That was on Stalker pre-wipe, but it was there at one point. The new graphic for a skinned and harvested wolf is more graphic.... blood splatter.... so there have been some changes.
  8. Djllans


    Just wait until you try Interloper! Don't get too attached to anything! I have to say I agree with the group here on this one...... a game changes so much when you start over at the last save point. I think it makes Survival more compelling than Story mode. You die you are done. But when you figure it out and you start surviving, out thinking and planning through the hardships it is pretty gratifying. I am currently on an 80 day interloper run, my best to this point. Before the wipe I was on a 250 stalker run... too easy, and a 75 day interloper run.
  9. So I have been playing the Bear Hunt.... on step 3/6 and I am totally stuck! The Bear has gone missing for 6-10 days or longer, it's becoming a blur of frustration! I was doing fine had just shot him at the frozen river and he ran to the tracks... I thought I was being so smart and found a spot in the rocks to snipe him from, or at the very least to avoid another clothes ripping, medicine sucking encounter! Well he spotted me and charged, and then he kept running, flee mechanic, whatever, and I can no longer find him! I have no painkillers and had a sprained ankle and wrist so I couldn't take that 4th shot.... he ran all over and finally down to the train cars. I used that opening to hobble back to the Camp Office. I expected that eventually he would be back at the tracks.... he wasn't and hasn't shown up. I tried to reset by going back to trapper's like 4 times, been all over from hunting blind to frozen river to clear cut to logging camp to fishing camp, went fishing, bagged and have eaten an entire deer, playing interloper starvation diet.... this is getting to be a pain, and the endless snow fall... very dreary times indeed! Any suggestions would be most welcome! Start over? Ughhh!