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  1. Yeah it was a combination of low health, already red temperature, impending starvation and the blizzard that made me move on so quickly. I mean I did do a decent scan of the dam wall but I knew if I wasted too much time looking for a way inside, I might not survive long enough to get to the next point of shelter because my health was already half and I am playing on Interloper weather. I knew the door went outside but I had no idea it would take me to a transition zone and the emergency exit completely threw me as nothing in the game has done anything like that so far. Not that I'm complaining, its a neat idea that tests your preparedness and a s/urprise! Good tips about the clothing. I have found a few good bits of clothing in the 4 zones I visited so far, but still the rabbit hat, gloves and deer pants I made are the best so far. I have loot set to minimum settings (i.e. Interloper) but with the overall set to medium. So I do get clothes but they are far and few between. The ones I have I cherish dearly and I'm saving a backup stash in case my current clothing gets mauled. I do have the weather on Interloper levels so its very, very cold and blizzardy (day 50+ now). Amazingly I'm still alive on this run after the Dam incident and surviving the terrible weather in Pleasant Valley. I made it through to Coastal Highway again, where the weather was so much better and I could fish. Then went on to Desolation Point which was scary because of the wildlife, managed to loot it all though and now I've just made it all the way back to Mystery Lake and the dam! All my stuff was there waiting for me, though of course my nice fat salmon was ruined after weeks away! Managed to craft up some arrows from broken arrows I've found around the zones, but still have to get to a forge. It's like day 60+ now and even in Mystery Lake it's cold. Had a very close run-in with death trying to chase down a wolf I hit with my bow and getting frozen and starving in the process. But managed to get back to safety, however lost on of my precious arrows. Fortunately I still have a full clip of rifle ammo left. Honestly I have played Mystery Lake, Forlorn Muskeg etc so much I'm bored of it, but to stand a chance up Timberwolf Mountain, Milton and Hushed River I want to get some arrows forged for hunting and self defence. The rifle ammo won't last forever and I prefer to save it for emergencies now. I did find the forge in Desperation Point... but of course no hammer to do anything with it! That's the next item on the priority list, I am going to check at Muskeg and Broken Railway to try and find one (don't tell me where they spawn please ) Considering my struggles on nearly-interloper settings, I wouldn't really enjoy Interloper because I don't know the maps well enough. I still don't know all the hidey holes even in the maps I have visited the most, and as for where key loot spawns I have no idea and don't think looking up loot tables and item spawn points is a very interesting way to play the game unless you are trying to optimise. For now I'm still in an exploratory phase of the game, discovering new things and learning tricks of survival in punishing conditions. If I had the Interloper condition recovery/ailments, I would definitely be freezing to death way too much by simply exploring. So on Interloper does no manmade clothing spawn as loot? Or just very little of it?
  2. I want to be able to savequit survival games because of my tight gaming schedule I often accidentally lose out on a lot of time. Just yesterday I lost nearly an hour of play because I quit out the game the previous day but it hadn't autosaved the whole time. Really annoying. Delete the save once you load it up, just let the player save and quit for when life gets in the way. Other than that I have no objection to making full save/loads a custom option for the players who want it.
  3. I'd like to see an optional ending, with the option to remain as long as you choose. Someone mentioned the idea of fixing up a radio or radio transmissions, similar to Wintermute Ep 2 I suppose. I like this idea. I don't like the idea of rescue, that kind of goes against the whole idea of isolation. What about fixing up a boat in Desolation Point to get off the island or something like that? I would like some longish term goals which encourage you to go to all the zones in the game. Yes, kind of like a Challenge but a much longer one and where its an option you can toggle when starting a survival mode game. Radio towers or similar would be an easy choice, because you can just stick them in obvious spots like on Timberwolf Mountain, at the lighthouse, etc. Or maybe you need to go to certain spots with a portable radio, or a sensor to measure the aurora etc. Making the player stay for a bit in a location, have time limited objectives etc might help, to prevent players who know the maps just "rushing" the objectives like people do for forges on Interloper. Or how about required objectives need to be visited in order, but the order is randomised every game - with a time delay between each new objective? That way combined with random player spawn and loot could provide a lot of variety in how people's longer term game turn out.
  4. Managed to craft the deer boots, I need 1 more hide for the pants. Checked my stats and I'm already 42 days in! I know the weather bottoms out at day 50 but it's already pretty crazy, a few days of -40 temperatures even with a sunny day with no wind and blizzards are very frequent. I harvested one of the wolves and feasted on meat for a few days, got the pelt off the other one too. But a third wolf showed up and turns out I'm terrible with the bow. Thankfully the fire kept scaring him off but after shooting my arrows into the snowfield I had no choice but to end him with the rifle. 1 bullet left. He ran off and despite a morning of searching the next day I couldn't find his body or crows. The food from the bunker is running out and I don't think can afford to stay in the farmhouse to wait for another deer hunt or the wolf pelts to cure. I'm going to have to grab my pelts and most vital supplies, and beeline for the northeast corner of the map and try to find one of the region exits. I know roughly where they are, it's whether I can find enough food and shelter along the way.
  5. Oh so that's where Draft Dodgers is! I found it on another run but had no idea where it was in relation to everything else. That area is so hard to find things, its just trees, rocks and steep valleys. I don't know if I have the resources to try and find Draft, and with the post above I'm not sure its worth the risk! I played some more this evening and things got very grim. Constant freezing weather, blizzards and still almost as many wolves around the farmhouse and north of farmhouse even with wolves on 1 below Stalker level. I almost died a number of times, mainly from freezing and fatigue trying to get food around the rabbit grove north of the farmhouse. It got so bad I was on a tiny amount of health living in the cave at the grove hanging on for dear life, only barely made it back to the farmhouse and had to drink almost all my medicine teas just to stay alive from the tiny amount of calories. Went back to the grove again to check the snares, 2 were destroyed by blizzards and one had a rabbit. Again a blizzard came in and I only just managed to grab the rabbit and cook it up at the fire drum staying just above freezing by venturing out to get sticks. Managed to shoot a deer but I didn't get the headshot and it ran up into the hills - I tried to chase but it was too cold. Managed to make it to the farmhouse again, just, and managed to survive off some cat tails and deer meat from a corpse to the north. Next day I was starving again but the weather was clear at last. Made it up to the grove again and tried to find the deer, my only hope of food as the 2 rabbit groves south of the farmhouse hadn't repopulated for days. I pushed on into the hills, the wind picked up and I was frozen and starving. I eventually found the dead deer but it was on a slope too steep to climb! I desperately wandered the hills looking for any rabbits or buildings, my health almost in the red again. This was surely the end, I didn't even have enough sticks to build a hot enough fire for the cold. But at that moment I rounded a big rock, and you'll never believe it - a hatch! In my most desperate hour I found the random spawn preppers cache! I still can't believe my luck! Inside it was full of snacks, way less than the last cache I found on Stalker due to my low loot settings but still enough for a number of days. I was saved! Most of the food was still good and there was lots of water too, even a snare. And it was warm inside, so I was able to sleep in the bed and recover some health. I grabbed all the food and waited out the bad weather. Now I could go for my original plan, I spent some time exploring around the bunker but couldn't find any shacks. I spent a day up there exploring and using the bunker for shelter. Next day I made it back to the farmhouse, just, in almost a blizzard. But not quite because I ran into a wolf just outside the orchard. I managed to shoot him as he charged, phew (I wouldn't have survived the struggle). But then over the hill comes another wolf! At the very last second I got a point blank headshot, sooo close! It was too cold to take advantage but I can hopefully get the pelts before they go bad. After a day of rest and crafting I set out south to the cave at the rope to the radio tower, where I'd stashed sticks, a deer hide, pelts and guts, which were now all cured. I warmed up from the freezing weather, made coffee and then climbed the rope. I went cross country to a cave near a hide where I'd stashed another deer hide, picked up that and scared off a wolf with a rifle shot. Only 3 bullets left now, but my bow is done - not that I've tried using it yet! Down the rope and overencumbered now, crawled back to the farmhouse. That's where I am now, ready to craft deer stuff and hopefully head out to harvest the dead wolfs from before. Then I'm getting the heck out, I'll probably try to go to coastal highway as with this weather I dont think I stand a chance in Timberwolf. I don't know the Timberwolf map except around the hut, and I think I'll need the wolf/bear stuff to survive the cold whilst I explore. Still, after the terrible luck of Carter Dam, the Preppers Cache was my good karma for that!
  6. Oh man, I thought I was quite thorough but apparently not, I was fighting the clock with the blizzard. Good to know though. Things aren't looking great, I've spent today in Pleasant Valley and it's damned cold. I've holed up at the farmhouse for now and doing sorties to the nearby areas to get supplies. Food is scarce and any kill I get I usually have to be very careful of the wolves. I did manage to get a deer though. I just had a very hairy moment where I was holding a rabbit steak to take back to the farmhouse, but a wolf caught the scent, then 2, then 3. I got jumped and had to use emergency stim and a flare to run back to the farmhouse. I have almost crafted the bow and I have some arrows ready. Rifle ammo is getting low and I'm starving again. I set snares at the big rabbit area to the north of the farmhouse, but to get there you have to go through a bunch of wolves. I have deer hides (mostly from ravaged corpses) scattered around in caves, now they should be cured so I'm hoping to gather them up and survive long enough at the farmhouse to craft the deer stuff. Then I think I have to get out of Pleasant Valley, its too cold and big. I'm thinking to take the Abandoned Mine back to Coastal Highway, or up to Timberwolf (which I hardly know). I want to do Timberwolf but I'm worried about the weather up there. I think I'm going to need the wolf and bear skin clothes really soon, and it might be hard with the lack of food around Timberwolf. I'm against the clock, even when I find a corpse or kill an animal, it can be hard to get a fire going with the wind/blizzards, and you need loads of wood to make it hot enough. Damn you Carter Dam! Wish me luck!
  7. What if I told you a door almost killed me? And it still might be my undoing... I've not really explored Mystery Lake on Survival mode before, because I had my fill of it from Wintermute Ep 2. So on my custom Stalker Survival run, when I went through Ravine for the first time and it popped me out at Carter Dam, I was like "ok, so here I am... let's just loot up fast and head back to Coastal Highway". With a raging blizzard blowing around me, I legged it into the dam. Already about 23 days into my run, I have the weather set to Interloper levels and it's getting pretty bad out there. It's daytime though, and I have a nice big salmon I caught a few days ago for emergency food. I should be good to loot the dam whilst the blizzard is going on. Then I might go over to Forlorn Muskeg to find the forge, or maybe just back to Coastal where I have left a load of saplings to cure. I drop a load of gear in the lobby to free up weight, so I can carry a lot from the dam interior back to here. I start clearing out the Upper Dam, and find the door that leads to the lower dam. It's just like Wintermute except there's no annoying electricity to avoid. In the lower dam I find a dead end where the final Wintermute cutscene plays, but no way onwards. That's a bit dissappointing. On my way back, I notice a little emergency door in the corridor. Oh, does this take me to another bit of the upper dam, I wonder. I open the door and find myself outside in the raging blizzard, surrounded by concrete and metal. Cool, I've not seen this before. Moments later I get a new region: Winding River discovered message. Oh, a new region, that's cool, I wonder where it goes? I'll come back here and explore after I finish looting the dam. I go back through the emergency door. Nothing happens. I check again, nothing happens. Oh crap. I had no idea it would be a real one-way emergency door! It's ok, there's probably another route back to the upper dam. I cling along the dam's edge, heading to some generator-looking things. There's a dead deer here and an empty container, but the stairs and door back into the dam are blocked by snow. Ok... I look around some more. There's only one path and it leads away from the dam down the river. I'm already starting to freeze in this blizzard, I have to press onwards. I have to eat, too. Good job I brought that salmon.... except I go to eat it and it's not there. It's lying on the pile of gear in the dam lobby, I knew I wouldn't need it whilst I ransacked the dam. Uhoh. With my health starting to tick down I had to go onwards and hope there was a way back to the dam later on. I followed the path down to the river, and suddenly a wolf appears. I get out my rifle. I don't have my rifle. Oh crap. It's in that pile of gear at the dam too! I pop a flare just in time, thank god I still had some on me. The wolf pulls up at the last second. I have to circle around to get past him, and carry on down the river. I start running and eventually lose him a bit. I make a fire using the flare as ignition, the blizzard has stopped but it's still snowing and I have to warm up. I go to add fuel on the fire, but all I have is a few sticks and a book. All my coal and wood is in the dam. Of course. I need to keep moving, I can't get this fire hot enough, but I'm starving too. Up the path I find a ravaged deer. Its only a Kg of meat but it's enough, I take it back to the fire and cook it. I wait until the wolf on the river walks far away and then I run down the river. He doesn't follow, thankfully. I find a cave with some trees around it. Sticks at last! And a nice cave, I can shelter and try to warm up. I'm really tired, my stamina is in the red. I need rest. I head into the cave and prepare to spend the night. I build a fire and start warming up, I boil some water. I might as well get an hour's sleep and then do some forgaging before nighttime. I go to put down my bedroll. My bedroll is in the dam. Oh no. This is really, really bad. I can't sleep, night is coming, I have no food and I have no idea what lies ahead. One wolf in the tight confines of this river could kill me, and I have no weapon. I have no choice but to push onwards before darkness falls, and pray for some kind of building so I can sleep. I can't even sprint now and I'm over-encumbered due to tiredness. I follow the river onwards, climb a path, descend into the river again - the sun is setting. I am freezing again and starving. And there it is, another cave! But... it leads onwards to a new area? I'm in a big cave now. In a stroke of luck, I'd brought the storm lantern with me to explore the dam. It's pitch black inside, without the lantern I would have been screwed. At least it's warm in here. I start exploring the network of tunnels, finding lots of coal. And in one large cavern, I see something blue. A bedroll! I am saved! I immediately put it down and sleep for hours. I emerge from the cave at night into Pleasant Valley, high on a ridge. I didn't even know this cave existed even though I have explored a lot of the Valley in previous runs. It seems to be one-way as I have to drop down. That would make sense given the one-way door in the dam. I'm freezing and starving again in minutes. I find a cave nearby and a rabbit in the dark. I kill the rabbit with a stone and build a fire in the cave. A wolf appears in moments but the fire scares him off. I can hear more wolves nearby. I spend the night in the cave and in the morning I find a deer corpse and another cave. I cook up the meat and manage to avoid the local wolves. It's then I discover where I am - on Signal Hill, I recognise the road. I set out carefully, I can't afford to run into the bear or wolves here. I reach the radio tower safely and get into the control room. Inside, I find some canned food and a rifle. I might be able to survive this after all. But all my good gear, all my cured pelts, my saplings, they are all waiting for me back at the dam and in Coastal Highway. It's a loooong walk back there and the weather is only getting worse. I only just made rabbitskin clothes, can I make deer and wolf ones before it gets too cold? Has the emergency door of DOOM put the nail in my coffin. I suppose I will have to find out over the upcoming days. The moral of the story I learned: Never drop your survival essentials beore you go into the unknown. No matter how safe you think it is, there's always a chance things can go wrong! Has anyone else been really screwed by the emergency door? I was very lucky to survive!
  8. Same here. Crashes a lot on PS4 in some circumstances and I have found examples of other players suffering from this. For me and at least one other player, the crashes seem based around Pleasant Valley (entering and exiting buildings, i.e. probably memory leak). And certain region loading screens. There is some evidence to suggest that the PS4 crashes may be related to patches from late 2018 with updates to certain regions. For example on Coastal Highway I can play for days with no crashes, but play for an hour on Pleasant Valley and get a crash. I will post any more info I find about what might be causing this bug as I play. On my current survival run I just made it to Pleasant Valley after only having 1 crash on a region transition, and no crashes in 3 other regions. So if I start getting crashes in Pleasant Valley now, we'll know that's definitely one of the problems. Please see thread below for more info (I made it before I knew about the Technical Subforum)
  9. I have narrowed down the cause of the crash - Pleasant Valley and transitioning between certain regions. I have been playing some new survival games on Coastal Highway and Desolation Point. This included a run from Coastal through Ravine to Mystery Lake, then winding river to Pleasant Valley. The game never crashed once in 2 or 3 evenings of play in these regions (including entering and exiting hundreds of buildings). However, it did crash on one of the region transition loading screens, I think it was the Winding River to the Cave one, or the Cave to the Pleasant Valley one. I found another thread from last year which also cites crashes in Pleasant Valley on PS4: I'm linking to this thread from the technical forum (which I just discovered) to raise awareness.
  10. Behind each of these doors is a basement with a terrified family in their survival shelter. Hoping, praying, that the scary foreigner with the bearskin clothes and the bow and arrow will just move on once this blizzard is over...
  11. The Gods must have been listening because as the fire was getting low, the blizzard abated. It was still snowing but I'd warmed up and dried my clothes a little, plus I had some warm drinks in me. I still couldn't see much in the dark so I walked around the fire area, and rounded a corner to see... the cars again. I'd just done a big circle! I decided to take shelter inside a vehicle, with my new warmer constitution I managed to get a few hours sleep without dropping temperature. Morning came and with it the cold again. At first light I set on up the snowy track again, it was still snowing but the visibility was ok. I passed last night's fire and spotted a hide in an open field, along with a deer. And just up the hill was... a ruined cabin - the climbing rope to Timberwolf! And as I knew... the prepper's cache hidden behind it. It had been 10 seconds walk from my fire last night, but I hadn't been able to see it in the dark. I spent the day looting the bunker and then trapped inside it when more terrible weather arrived. I hungrily devoured the snacks I found inside. There was even a hacksaw I knew would be handy later. I took my medicine. A blizzard all the next day. I stayed in the bunker, organising my inventory and filling up lockers with spares. I finished off the last of my snacks before bed. I needed to find food tomorrow. The blizzard died out overnight, thankfully. I went down to the hide, hoping to see the deer again. Sure enough, it soon showed up, and I got a nice headshot on it with the rifle. There were wolves howling nearby so I built a fire and spent most of the day harvesting it and cooking the meat. Ahhh, a full stomach at last! Not one to waste a fire, I kept it going for more hours to boil up water, and it's then that I saw three wolves patrolling just over by the bunker. Uhoh. Even though I only had a few bits of cooked vension on me, all around me were strewn cooked vension, guts and the deer hide. Two of the wolves vanished over the hill, but the third suddenly turned around and came towards me. The fire was still going but I didn't want to have to deal with 3 wolves at once. He charged but the fire scared him away. He vanished over towards his buddies. I dropped the meat I was carrying. He came back, he got scared. He came again and finally this scare seemed to drive him far enough away. I carried on my boiling, waiting for the wolf patrol to move beyond the bunker so I could haul my deer goodies back to safety. After an hour I grabbed a few bits of meat to do a test run, it didn't give me a scent of 1 so I figured doing multiple runs might be the safe way to do it. As soon as I left the fire, a wolf appeared over the bunker hill, heading straight for me. Damn it! But this time, his friends came too. I ran back to the fire as all 3 charged me. Thank god they were all scared off. I dropped the meat I was carrying and waited. They slunk away. I picked up a piece of meat. Immediately a wolf came over the ridge. I dropped it, he turned away. Hmm. I grabbed some sticks around and built up the fire to last another hour, then waited until just 10 minutes remained. I grabbed all the deer stuff and sprinted over to the hide, then dropped it all inside. The wolves were already coming, but they had started moving off again. Phew. I waited the fire out and then very carefully sneaked my way back to the bunker. Hopefully the wolves couldn't get in the hide and eat my lovely venison. Next day, no sign of the wolves, good riddance. Grabbed the deer goodies and sprinted it back to the bunker to store it, still no wolves, excellent. Took a steak for the road. I set out north, towards Skeeters but on the right side beyond the hide. After a while Skeeters came into view, but I could hear wolves there, so I stuck to a clearing nearby where there was a deer carcass, and just beyond that, Burnridge cave. No bears so I harvested the deer hide and guts and quickly dropped them in the cave. I checked just beyond the cave to see if I could get around to Skeeters from the back and - what the heck - there was a hatch here! Had I really found another bunker so close to the one I'd been living at? Just as I was going to check it out, I suddenly heard a bark and then I was on my back, fighting for my life! For some stupid reason the weapon was defaulted to prybar instead of hunting knife, and I hammered the button in panic so ended up bashing him with that, which took forever. I took half damage but scared him off. Screw that, into the bunker I go! I'd deal with you later! Indeed this was another prepper's cache. In fact, it was a horde, a horde of food. Food to last for weeks, for months. Tons of drink as well. Can openers, flares, meds, a bed. Honestly, instead of being overjoyed, I was dissapointed. This was like an easy win button. I wish I'd never found this place. I enjoy the game most when I'm up against the wall, grinding out my success through hard decisions and using my brain. With this cache I wouldn't have to worry about food for ages. Unsure about what to do, whether to just try and forget I ever found the bunker, I went back up to exact revenge on my furry adversary. It didn't take long for him to reappear, that one bit of venison must really have taken his fancy. Rifle at the ready I took my shot as he advanced on me... and missed. On the ground again, at least I managed to switch to the knife, but I thought this was the end. But somehow I survived, though my health was in the red. I healed my wounds and retreated to the bunker to recuperate. Hey, it was time for my last parasite dose - I'm cured at last! After a nice sleep, recovering to about half condition, I ventured topside in the hopes of exploring Skeeters properly, and dealing with the wolves. I climbed a big rock overlooking Skeeters and sure enough, there were the 2 wolves patrolling it. I was done with the cautious approach, I was kind of ready to quit the run at this point after the bunker haul had sucked the food challenge out of it. I crouched and aimed my rifle... bang, one wolf down. It started snowing hard. After the buddy came back from his fright, I tried to pick him off at long range, impatient. Missed. Wait for him to come back. Miss. It was getting dark and harder to see him. Dammit, I don't have time for this sniping business. I strode down off the rock and walked up right behind him. I aimed at him but as I was lifting the gun, he was turning. Before I could get off my shot, he pounced. And that's how it ended, my furious knife stabbings weren't enough. I'd killed his brother. I'd gone rambo, got annoyed, impatient. I deserved to die this way. I was a bit annoyed at how willing I'd been to throw my life away, considering how hard work the run had been up until today. But honestly since finding the second prepper's cache, I knew I would either have to ignore it or end the run, I couldn't face the thought of weeks of just hunting, crafting and exploring with no food worries. Still, I'd had a good time and really got to see most of Pleasant Valley, I'm pretty sure I've seen nearly all of the major locations now. I survived 23 days. My good looting luck in the farmhouse, the second bunker, and the loads of gear I found in Pleasant Valley in general got me thinking. I think I need a bigger challenge when it comes to loot. Its no fun when you have big stockpiles of everything within 20 days. I've decided to start a new custom game using Stalker settings but with the generic loot turned to Low (which is the same as Interloper), although the specific loot stats are kept to Stalker levels. Hopefully this will make loot in general a bit less OP, but not incredibly stingy like Interloper - I don't know the maps well enough to survive on scraps. I've also bumped the worsening weather from medium to high, again the same as Interloper. This will mean the weather's going to get really nasty and cold, no more getting tons of great clothing by day 7 and being fine for the next few weeks, in the longer run this will give me something to aim for even if I do find quite good loot early on. I've already begun and random spawn put me in Desolation Point. I don't know it super well but I do know the 2 major locations. I started near the lighthouse so immediately headed there (had to run away from a chasing wolf) and looted up - not a lot in there. Spent the night and in the morning went up to the ruined church, caught a rabbit and ate it by the fire barrel to warm up. Then went over to the wrecked ship, found a few bits and bobs but was already freezing, and it was too dark to see well in the hold so I'll have to come back with light. Went over to the whaling station and have just arrived at the bunk bed cabin where I'm warming up. I know there are always lots of wolves around the whaling station, and I have no defences yet, and barely any clothes, so I will have to be careful.
  12. Exited the mine back into Pleasant Valley into a blizzard. Ah, it's fine, I thought - the cave down the hill isn't that far. It ended up taking ages against the wind and my stamina down to zero again because of the parasites. When I finally found the cave in the blizzard after taking some wrong turns I was freezing and exhausted. I had collected sticks on the way and started up my fire to warm up, then was going to have a few hours sleep. It's then I realised I had left my bedroll in the mine. Oops. To allow me to pack-mule as much stuff in the mine as possible, I'd dropped a bunch of gear at the entrance. Then I'd quit for the day and completely forgotten about it. So with no other choice I warmed up for a few hours whilst boiling water, consumed all my fuel and then limped back out into the blizzard. Luckily I made it back to the mine before taking too much damage but it was sloooow going. I grabbed my gear and decided to sleep in the mine for the rest of the night. Only a few treatments for the parasites to go. Next day it was snowing so I went to the cave to drop off excess gear, then headed past the dead end road and hung right going past the derelict cabins further on to avoid the wolves there. It was already afternoon after my long sleep earlier but I decided to press on, I knew up ahead there were some cabins and stuff - I just didn't know where. Then the snow turned into a blizzard. My stamina was already low and I quickly began to freeze. I carried on up the track praying to find shelter, it was just as far to go back to the cave and I didn't fancy running into wolves around the cabins if my stamina ran out. It started getting dark too. Finally some shapes came out of the driving snow - it was cars. Disagreement Point. I searched the vehicles and decided to press on to try and find a hut before nightfall. I went straight ahead following the main track, it was slow going in the blizzard but I eventually reached some ruined huts - Skeeters. I had a quick look around but couldn't find anything (I later learned there's a basement I missed!). It was almost dark, I couldn't go forwards so I'd have to spend the night in a car at Dissapointment, I was already freezing. I made it back in the sunset, the blizzard still raging. But I wasn't warming up inside the vehicle, I think because my clothes were all soaked. Crap. I would die if I stayed here overnight. I decided to follow the snowy track up the hill, dropped some gear at the cars because I was overncumbered. Visibility was awful now so I used the road verge to keep me orientated. The track just petered out into trees and snowfields. I wandered around for a little bit in the dark and then realised I needed to warm up before things got any worse. I found a rocky overhang and built a fire using my last sticks, then huddled at it for warmth for about 2 hours. My calories were also low but not much I could do about that now.
  13. That video's crazy. I like the carpet of pelts! I can understand the boredom argument, heck I get bored as soon as I feel I'm in a strong position in the game (geared up, food sources secured, etc). Then it's exploration that drives me but once you've explored the world it must get very grindy unless the game throws a curveball at you. It's one of the reasons I'd like a endgame Survival mode where the goal is to survive for X hundred days. Then they can put in balancers like the increasingly bad weather to make things really extreme as you near the end of your goal, instead off this "safety" state that its not too hard to reach in the mid/endgame on most difficulties. The best fun part of the game is usually the first part, struggling to survive and driven forwards by the need for food or loot or crafting. I've been finding Stalker a bit too generous on the loot front in my past few runs so I've started a custom game with Interloper generic low loot values and High worsening weather - I'm hoping that will make the loot game a bit harder
  14. Thanks, that's interesting. So random stuff gets washed up/spawned on the beaches of Coastal Highway/Desolation Point over time? I never noticed. I also didn't know the magnifying glass doesn't break - I actually have one which was at 30% when I picked it up, so I assumed it would lose condition fairly quickly. I've hardly used it because I am lighting fires indoors and in crap weather. So I commend your effort to rely solely on the glass, you must have to do an epic fire whenever you use it to boil, cook, warm up etc. Do we know what the longest run anyone has so far is? I quite like that you can potentially survive forever, it will be hard like you say, but possible. I guess on Interloper the weather eventually gets so bad that its very hard to survive long enough to think about beachcombing or relying on magnifying glass fires.
  15. Update: I found a prepper cache in Pleasant Valley by the burnridge cave. But now I'm sad, it is a food cache which has ridiculous amounts of food. Enough to last me for weeks. So now I feel like I shouldn't use it because it will make the game way too easy! Now I'm umhing and ahhing about whether I should just pretend I never found it and let all that food rot away, I was enjoying the challenge up until now!