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  1. "Emergency: exit only" 100% true
  2. It seems like you have to play this game after one month from release because of bugs to prevent cases like I have.
  3. Very nice. Had found all of other caches and didn't get the achievement. Why is this game so bugged?
  4. Bug, they just disappeared when I had come closer.
  5. Actually title says, Flare Cache didn't appear at all. And all "trust" dialogues are still available to speak after some time. So I'm not able to get achievement
  6. I could live without 'letters' quest, it would be unpleasantly but OK. Main reason is that Jeremiah quests very bugged, I couldn't make Snow Shelter, get cache supplies from him and so on and so on. Huge part of sidequestes just cutted from the game for me, the game I bought and wanted to finish completely.
  7. I had similar/same problem in this quest but it was on 5/6 (I did thread few days ago so you can read it, maybe it will help) and I just can suggest you to reboot your game, then go to the last spot where you shot him and find blood trail (or at least try, watch down to the floor and go to next location where he have to be). Then you will find him. P.S. : for the future, complete line of trust quests with Jeremiah before you kill the bear, because you couldn't speak with him after. I stucked on it, so I wait for the patch
  8. Moreover, still not craftable after Patch 6. And could you fix interactions with Jeremiah after Bear Hunt quest (you can't talk with him but with Gray Mother you could).
  9. Have same problem man, it's so frustrating