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  1. Every thing seems very blue now? Is it suposed to be this blue? It seems inside houses are ok they dont seem so blue, but out side.. every thing is blue! I almost cant see stuff on tables in the fishing huts, because every thing is just so blue. I havent fully explored all the settings, is there a slider like the brighness one im missing, that alows me to turn down the blueness? Also.. i now throw rocks like i have broken wrists.. whats happened? Those bunnies arnt going to eat them selves...
  2. If you are overly waighed down and you walk over a surface that is steep enough to make you fall a little ot will revert your walking pace to medium. This can also happen if you crouch in the snow. So if your carrying 50kg and you want to get a move on do a little squat in the snow or find a steep bump like the edg of a snow drift or small rock amd walk over it and you will go faster as long as you keep moving. This works with any waight up to the point you can not move at all. And as long as the waight you are carrying os enough to slow you below medium pace.
  3. I have seen it brought up a few times that its a bit of a neaky trick to just eat a slab of meat before bed and starve for the rest of the day. You loose condition thrugh the day from starvation but its not life threatening to go without food for the day and you recover the lost condition when you sleep on a full stomach. This is kind of realistic but it does feel a bit 'gamey' I think a good solution would be a bodyfat meter. So all the time you have food in you over time you put on body fat and loose it when you are empty. So going all day with out food would eat up your body fat. Running or using calories on an empty stomach would burn your fat faster. Once you have no body fat your condidtion deteriates MUCH faster. Bodyfat could also contribute to feels like temp so building up a good amount of blubber from eating all that bear meat you have stashed in the boot of a car will allow you to survive the cold better.. untill you burn it up. So building up a good fat reserve would allow you to go with out food for a day or two with out significant condition loss but once you abuse your fat reserve too much you start feeling the cold more and your condition drops significantly if you go with out food. So now there is an advantage to eating in the day and keeping your tummy full and not just eating at night to recover in your sleep. And it punishes such behavior due to rapid condition loss when your fat reserve has ran out from not eating consistently. I kind of created my own head cannon that condition was your fat reserve but then holes in it apear when your fat reserve drops from a wolf attack and you die when you got no fat wich makes no sence, also you should get warm from running and doing intensive work like wood chopping if your burning fat and this does not happen when your condition drops. I dont know how easy it would be to add a body fat meter.. or if there may be unintended consaquences, i cant think of any off the top of my head but perhaps someone else can?
  4. I agree i had to shoot 4 wolfs in coastal highway and all 4 ran off in different directions and all 4 were on hulls i could not walk up! I turned the game off and re loaded. The wild life should not be able to walk places i cannot. I have had angry bears run up near verticle cliffs and attack me too.
  5. I find it a bit strange that i cant make bear skin hats and gloves. Or rabbit skin coat or deer skin coat. You can make clothes from any skin, even odd things like lizards or mice, even fish! Each skin should have a waight, warmth and weather proof etc stat. And if i want to make rabbit skin coat out of 20 rabbits i should be able to. Might be less warm and take longer than a wolf or bear skin coat but it would make so much sence and realy open up some options on how you play. Mabe also craftable hats, socks and jumpers would be nice. I mean bear skin hats are totaly a thing. And in every film ever people often wear many layers of pelts. Now i get that say the moose skin back pack is something rare and valuabe so perhaps some items can require specific things to make due to there strength. As a rabbit skin bag would be too flimsy and not waterproof enough for practicle use say. An alternative perhaps to this would be to be able to upgrade the curret craftables with other skins, like a rabbit skin lined wolfskin coat for extra warmth due to the fluffy bunny inner lining. Bring on the bunny slippers!
  6. I have had them ignore fire aswell. I have had wolves just stand there just out of range of the fire where they would squeels and run and just circle untill the fire went out. These wolves also are the ones that ignore bait when ever i have been able to test. And a torch is just a candle lit dinner for them. On the topic of wolf behaviour they also dont seem to run far enough from a fire any more so they just keep coming back over and over. Its been a wolf masacre lately as i have no choice but to put them down as they seem fearless.
  7. When did you get it? I have just sat and eaten nothing but cat tails and water i boiled my self for 31 days solid.. i never left the cabin i just slept ate cat tails and water and played cards... no achivement... I did get the silent hunter one though so there's that So i have got the pacifist and silent hunter but NOT living off the land gaaaaaaa!
  8. No teas no coffe and no toilet water. I think seing as the achievement says go 25 consecutive days consuming only calories from harvested wild plants and animals. that meat harvested from animals killed buy wolves and carcuses should not stop this achievement? I harvested the meat i didnt find it in a fridge or any thing. Well.. i am now going to live on cat tails and water boiled on site and play cards for 16 hours a day ald sleep for 8 for 25 days and if it still doesnt work i give up!
  9. Ok so after the vigilant flame update i decided to try at some achievements that would not work in previose versions, so i started a new game on voyager.. I never picked up any man made food or water.. amd if i found it walst searching i would drop it immediately. I never drank from toilets and if i found water bottles in a draw i was searching i would drop my entire water supply as it was now contaminated buy un harvested water. I never used any meds natural or otherwise and slept off any sprains. Its been nearly 40 days and no achivement. So i decided to go big! I started a pilgrim run. I again dropped my water i started with along with all man mande food, i was in milton so i did some math and realised i could live on cat tails for 2 months. So that is what i decided to do! 2 cat tails a day before sleeping and spent my days collecting fire wood and looking for good clothes and boiling water. I did chase wolves into deer and rabbit along with carcasses i found and collect the meat and hide and guts so i could eat this meat and use the calories to read books. At not point did i take any meds or eat or drink any thing i did not harvest my self my my own hands. After 25days i got the passafist achievement. So that was nice.. im not at day 50 yet but im hoping for the silent hunter one of i carry on as i am.. HOWEVER i still havent got the living off the land achievement! Its now day 35.. What am i doing wrong? Is it still bugged? I have tryed to get this dam achievement so many times its becoming tedious.
  10. Also the cooking time is not linked to waight. I just spent 1h14mins cooking 0.06kg of rabbit for 61 cal. That must be a bug?
  11. The cooking times are WAY too long for some things! 20mins to melt a can of snow on a fire! Warming up a cup of tea takes 50 mins next to a fire! Try 20, and 5 on the fire Now cooking a kilo of venison probably would take about an hour.. so walst this is ALOT longer than it used to be it would be nice as in that time we are burning more wood and more cal, we could have proper calorie value for eating a kilo of venison. (1500cal) rabbit too, a kilo of rabbit gives 1200cal! If im waiting all that realistic time for it to cook i want the realistic calories to go with it! If im in a pinch and i need to make a fire to warm up, i would normaly make some mushroom tea or some hot drink to help keep me warm. I could do this with a few sticks as it took about 10mins to heat up the tea, now i need twice the sticks and i need to sit there and wait for my tea to heat up for twice as long some times longer! Totaly removing any benefit from doing it in the first place die to the amount of time thats passed, not to mention im now having to lug a load of cans around and god forbid a cooking pot! At 1.7kg! I thought the 0.3kg for 2 cans was an inconvenience! When you got to go climb a rope things like that make a huge difference, not that i ever climb ropes as its far too costly any way and far too restrictive and if i need to leave mountain town i would rather risk braking my legs/death, rock hopping. Climbing rope is just decoration to me, im quite often below the wight reqired but im not becomeing exhausted just to get some where i know i cant bring anything back from as it will waigh too much. Can we get some aluminium cooking pots at least? Also.. the fire interactions now feels realy restricted, why cant i just slap the meat i want to cook on the nearest available spot when i select it in my bag rather than having to add it to the radial menue then close my bag go into the radial menue and then place it on the fire! Gaaaa so frustrating! I have had alot of food poisoning from accidently eating raw meat when i wanted to cook it. So in short im not happy and wont be playong on any of my sand boxes untill some thing is done to address some of the problems now introduced from this, especially the cooking times! I loved this game and now i just cant stand to play it! I get where this was supposed to be going and it seemed like a cool idea at first but the frustrating interactions and heavy drawbacks from cooking times and extra equipment ruined it.
  12. After the update we just got.. my rifle cleaning kit is gone does any one know where i can get another?
  13. She says she wont sirvive the winter with out more wood and food.. not that shes completely out of wood and food and will die in days if you dont help. The time on the fire is random. Its an ever lasting fire like jeramihas fire, so the time does not apply. But i guess the UI hasnt got its own display for a fire that never dies. The old lady chuks on a log when your not looking
  14. This happened to me too. I had to treck it back into the muskeg train and get a nother
  15. I just got to the hunting cabin and got the rifle. Picked up the cleaning kit and ammo on the bench behind me. The rifle is at 59% i can see the rifle cleaning kit in my inventory but when i go to clean the rifle it says i dont have a cleaning kit! Any one got a way to fix this? I have tryed dropping the kit and picking it back up.. nothing.