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  1. I was able to get to level 5 revolver pretty easily. So far I have found 3 revolvers, 3 books, and tons of ammo. Just got my skilled survivor achievement last night. ūüėÉ
  2. I found the one in the lower dam! Came with 5 shots. Also, I finally found the preppers cache by the train unloading area, but it seems my memory isn't great, since it was already looted. Haha. It did have a few energy shots, though, so that was cool. I'm feeling encouraged and will continue this survivors goal of reaching level 5 on all categories. Thanks for your help!
  3. Thank you. I'm currently living put of the camp office as my ML base, so I will try checking out the lower dam and see if I have any success. Strangely, this is the only survivor save I've ever had where I haven't found a hatch/preppers cache in ML. I have spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for it, because there has always been one before somewhere in the region. But not this time. Perhaps, there's still a chance I will stumble across it. If it's not at the dam, I've been meaning to check out PV anyways to see the changes I've been hearing about, so I'll head that way. Also, that was also my plan for my survivor after i get my 500 day achievement... to throw her off the back of the plane on the summit. For originality sake, I may throw her off a cliff or waterfall in HRV. Haha.
  4. Hi! I'm a long time player and I love the game. It is by far my favorite game to play and I don't expect that will change. However, I have been working hard at getting my achievements. I have 36/40. In my current sandbox I have 288 days towards my 500 days, 'will to live,' achievement. It's the same survivor I used to get my faithful cartographer and I'm not quick to part with her, as I have already lost my longest living survivor to climbing too far up in mountain town and falling over a mountain through a train tunnel roof into uncharted territory (by the truck you can see near a bridge when you look down the cliff before passing into the cave to mystery lake.) That survivor is still there waiting, hoping that region becomes livable. My current survivor is working on the 'skilled survivor' achievement and was almost there, just working on fishing and mending and archery all at level 4, to get to level 5. I'm concerned that having already looted the entirety of all the maps that my now level 1 revolver will be impossible. I'm wondering if the update added revolvers and books to my existing save, or if I'm going to need to start a new survivor for my achievement. If the content was added, im all for spending my last 212 days of my 'will to live' efforts in collecting and increasing my revolver skill to 5. I will re-search the whole island. But if it wasn't added to my existing save id like to know sooner than later that I'm going to have to start a new survivor for my 'skilled survivor' achievement. I do have a third sandbox survivor, who is only 28 days in and is working towards my 'silent hunter' achievement who could continue on and potentially get me to my 'Skilled survivor', but I would much prefer to continue on with the other survivor who has a complete map and needs to progress in days to my 'Will to live.' Any input, information, or advice is greatly appreciated. I'm just seeking a bit of clarity. Regardless of how it all works out, I will continue to play and love the game. Thank you Hinterland developers for giving me such an awesome game and experience.
  5. Seriously? I have to start from scratch again? Eh. At least now I know.
  6. The flare cache and Alan's cave cache are mutually exclusive. If you get one you can't get the other. I heard that patch 7 had fixed it for some, but it hasn't for me. I play on Xbox one and I have all of my other side missions completed, except the flare cache, of course. I have been camping out at Jeremiah's for a week wanting to go on to the Renewed Hope mission, but I fear that I won't be able to come back to it if I go. At this point, I can still go and talk to him about flares in the trust storyline. I'm really hoping this gets fixed in a way that I don't have to start episode 2 over. I know the guys @hinterland are working hard and are doing their best. I'm in love with this game. I just want to see what's next.
  7. I am still experiencing this problem with Xbox 1. I finished e1 and then resumed in the cave loop. I started a new e2 game, because I couldn't carry over anything, and I've been working at it from scratch. When I got the bug fix confirmation I tried to go back to my e1 save to try to resume to e2 with my gear, but it's still the same loop. Is their something different I can try?