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  1. @ManicManiac Thank you for the link, I've checked my other games and this anomaly is only present in TLD. Everything else in the game seems to work including the initial loading cinematic.
  2. Hi, I don't know if this is a problem with my computer screen or the quality and display options, but I now have small pixelated dots around objects when I'm playing. Has anyone else experienced this recently and is it a bug?
  3. To whom this concerns. After waiting a few days in-game for an aurora, I have finally been able to enter the bunker. However, I have had to wait until the aurora is over so I didn't get electrocuted. Once this has happened and I collected what I needed until I discovered that I can't leave without another aurora; despite being able to see the hatch is open. I have now waited a few in-game days but no aurora has occurred. I am starting to question whether the switch box in the bunker should have had something to do with reopening the hatch or whether it's just there to stop the wires from electrocuting me the next there's an aurora. Either way, I'd liked to know whether I'm expected to wait it out or whether there's currently a bug involving the switch.
  4. At the start of episode 2, there was music with actual lyrics and a music video. What is the name of this song?