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  1. Creative writing based of a copyrighted work a.k.a fanfiction is muddy legal ground, with opinions varying from creator endorsement, to DMCA takedowns, and other legal action. I ask this question out of curiosity of Hinterlands stance on the matter pertaining to said use of their copyrighted work.
  2. DANKA! From the bottom of my heart you just have saved me about 4-5 more hours of playtesting my personal custom saves
  3. There is pretty much to finite limit on resources. Beachcombing (how ever profitable) nets you cloth, saplings, scrap, both pills, reclaimed wood, matches. Snares always return the wood when salvaged. At full firestarting the magnifying glass can always be used with clear skies. The only real unavoidable killer is murphy's law. (p.s sorry for the necro)
  4. Darkwater

    Episode 3

    You know mod support gives me an idea Once it's added they could have a little thing where every few months the most popular mod (that actually fits the game I think we can all agree that moders can be weird) gets fully added into the base game. kill two rabbits with one stone new stuff gets added at low development cost and encourages people to make quality mods.
  5. I lived on timberwolf mountain for the longest time and despite what logic would have you think it in my opinion has one of the most forgiving weather patterns of all of them days of clear weather a day of blizzard few hours of fog day of overcast clear again then again where "pleasant" valley being right next to it is one of the most hostile maps of them all (forlorn muskeg takes the cake for that imo)
  6. I don 't know how to make a blotch out so here is my makeshift spoiler tag broken railroad despite its name the railroad is quite a small part of the map. However the hunting lodge (the trappers of the map) is quite rich in resources I wish that they had made the railroad have more to it since the map is named after it I my self was hoping that I'd be holding out In train cars in blizzards crossing bridges like the one in ravine on a daily bases instead of just having it be the waypoint for the maps exit
  7. I support this. Bring back the option to choose what tool to use for the job.
  8. I got TLD right after deep forest hit so when I that it was 0% i wanted to be one of the first to get it and after looking after a fire like a child burning all my firewood I finally got it pre and post attempt screanshots below
  9. esrb teen pegi 16 WOW...just WOW I used to Respect Pegi as a creditable source for an idea of a games content now.....not so much
  10. another mode Timberwolf mountain is THE place to go interloper its a death sentence
  11. ok this will be hard to believe but if you do it's hilarious i shot a wolf charging at me point blank (almost got mauled) wolf dies arrow bounces.....right into my character to the same result as shooting at the sky a.k.a death. I wasn't even mad until I realized that my recording software caped out about two hours ago
  12. Ok when I said let em fall I got that song from the lorax remake stuck in my head and decided to parody it i know its not the best but i spent about 10 minutes on it Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs To tell me which way I should go to find the answer, And all the time I know, That mans gonna fall Let them, let them fall Let them slip right off the wall In the sun, the rain, the snow, Down he will go Looking for a reason to check my weight Trying hard to get rope that I can count on, But there's nothing left to see, Let them, let them fall Let them slip right off the wall In the sun, the rain, the snow, Down he will go Time is getting shorter and there's much for you to do Only take what you are needing, The rest is up to you Plant your feet and take the climb Let them, let them fall Let them slip right off the wall In the sun, the rain, the snow, Down he will go Let them, let them fall Let them slip right off the wall In the sun, the rain, the snow, Down he will go
  13. I'm going to get this out of the way i spend WAY too much time on the mountain. I know it better then mystery lake for Ralph's sake. I can make it to the summit first climb in 3 ropes within 48 hours 36 if the weather stays good. time for a mini guide Hiking the long way going past the wing you can get to deer clearing with one rope. DO not take time to mess around in deer clearing, you're going to need every last drop of fatigue. When you ascend to secluded shelf stop at every ledge get a full stamina bar or you will die. when you make it to the top you're going to hit exhaustion but you make it to what i like to call the junction ledge (the ledge that has the rope to the summit and the rope down the mountain) time to make a judgement call to grab basic summit loot or go back to base Personally I never loot the summit on the first climb since on the subsequent climbs I can trim my pack to next to nothing anyway I find its best to have a separate set of clothing for climbing my set is about 10 lbs 4kg since you have the mercy of two caves on the way for the extra climbs warmth isn't a problem (the rest you need for fatigue is more then enough time to warm up) fill up your hunger to cut down on food(no more then 8 lbs no less then 1000 calories) and bring about three days of water max (.39 gallons or 147 liters) don't bring a knife take a hatchet and no rifle and no more then 2 arrows if you take a bow take only one box of matches (bring torches pro tip light fire with torches not matches) and one to two torches and finally a basic bedroll this set up is about 30-40 lbs(gets lighter when you eat and drink (another tip eat before you drink you lose water when eating most foods) giving you about 20 odd lbs. if you feel like taking risks you can cut this down even more This is about enough for one rifle all the ammo a few cleaning kits wet stones sewing kits fire starters ect anyway wile i get the no climbing up restriction I can't help but see it as hand holding if some one is dumb enough to try to make the summit rope at 80 lbs I say let em fall
  14. this reminded me of when my dog, he has poor eye sight ran full sprint right into the clothesline pool knocked him self out laughed so hard i started coughing
  15. ah light resetting my old friend for when my arrows fallout of the flipping map I really don't look at that as "save scumming" imo thats opening files when you die to load a back up or get more loot light resetting is just a way to get out of a bad situation with a bit of cheese also 388892 calories for day 200 HOLY MOLEY and considering you can't burn calories you didn't eat that's a lot of food