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  1. So does absolutely everyone else, OP. When I walked in for the first time and say the Camp Office trashed, I about screamed.
  2. Thanks! I appreciate being appreciated lol
  3. With games I care about as much as I do TLD, I don't feel bad at all about buying it on all my platforms. I paid full price (*sigh*) for Skyrim to get it on my PC and my 360. And heck, I'd do the same for TLD if I had an Xbone!
  4. Getting fried by wires is a better death than getting mauled by Fluffy! (RIP)
  5. Got the Fire Master badge a few days ago, finally! It's great starting a new run and not needing tinder haha.
  6. "Trappers camp" really threw me off for a second there LOL. I know you mean Poacher's Camp, I gotcha, but for a second I wondered how we went from talking about FM to talking about ML
  7. I believe I found one of the rifle corpses you speak of on Toarda's FM map, across the tracks from Low blind. (Sorry for the super low res pic, it's the lower-most icon on the map) Not too far away from him, going towards the center but remaining a distance away from the tracks, is the bow corpse.
  8. Is it just the biggest fish, or can the challenge be the biggest fish of every type? I just caught a good sized smallmouth bass, but he does not beat the current record over the coho salmon.
  9. Looks very intense! Can't wait to watch!
  10. I've heard of this happening, but I'm not sure about Interloper. Will have to do a bit of research on it myself!
  11. Beautiful shot! One path leads to a cold death, the other to a warm, safe place.
  12. OMB wound dressings used to stop bleeding, as in the older versions they were crafted using 3 OMB and a bandage. But not any more! If I were stuck in that situation with the wolf pack, I would have shot the bow at the ground near the wolves to scare them all off at once.
  13. No idea whether they've been moved around. I found the Med cache in ML not long ago, and a food cache in PV as well, both in the spots described on the community-made maps.
  14. LOL. Glad you guys like the pic so much, I thought to myself after taking it that I couldn't get a better pic if I tried!
  15. That I don't! I'm just happy to see positive activity lol
  16. OB got stuck in a boulder, running on an endless loop, as pictured above. I decided to have some fun, shooting him a few times. He began panting furiously, but could not get himself unstuck to attack.
  17. Long story short, I was bored and curiosity got the best of me - what would happen if in the Hunted Part 1, you used cheats to give yourself a rifle and a bunch of ammo to fight OB back? Unsurprisingly, the challenge has not been designed for this, as no rifles spawn in the world during this challenge. After shooting OB numerous times, at least two dozen, I have deemed him to be Invulnerable. He does leave a blood trail, but does not and can not bleed out. I was sort of hoping this would not be the case, as I would've liked to see how killing OB during Part 1 would bug up the challenge. But alas, the devs thought through this one.
  18. I'll snap a pic next time I see one!
  19. Yeah, doesn't look good. Sorry, @Dextr1ex, you're out of luck here. Have to restart the challenge.
  20. That's what I did for awhile there.
  21. Quite an adventure, albeit short-lived! Interloper is certainly a challenge all by itself, let alone waiting until you reach the Dam to gather any food and supplies.